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John: These are the first rims I purchased by LB, it's a customized 65 mm deep rim set. I've been riding them for a few thousand km now and they are totally worth it. Actually they were so convincing I wanted to add new wheels/rims to another bike again customized and I have been helped big time by Ms. Charlie Sū! Shout-out to the best consultation I've ever received. I have no doubt the new order will be as terrific as the first!
David: My road bike with LightBicycle AR36 wheels with DT Swiss 180 hubs. I like the wheels so much that when I sold the bike, I kept the wheels to put on my wife's bike.
United States
Light Bicycle: Rims: AR25 disc hybrid hook UD paintless 24H with drain holes with access holes Hubs: Carbon-Ti X-Hub SP Disc 12/100 12/142 56T Sram XDR Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black straight pull Nipples: Sapim Aluminium black external Weight: 1042g
Steve: Since no one seems to talk about these wheels for triathlon, here is a modern tri-bike to show it can be done, and with good aero. WR65 wheels that I built up with DT Swiss 240 hubs, and a mix of Sapim CX-Ray and CX-Sprint spokes. The wheels have a matte finish with 3K weave. Fitted out with 28c Conti GP5000 S-TR tires, these wide wheels ride very smooth and fast at 4.9 bar.
United States
Harbert: AR35/45 mixed depth, DT240, Sapim CXray/CXsprint
United States
Michał: The best driving experience, not only on asphalt.
Wilk: Świetna zabawa i poczucie bezpieczeństwa na down country singletrackach!
Jack: Light and stiff AR45 laced on DT240 hubs. Great for light duty bike packing!
Christenson: Start using LB rim from nomad 4 to upgrade nomad 5 the LB rim is superb and really love it for all raiding styles.
Hans: My latest in a long line of LB wheelsets, I built up these flyweight AR55 rims with Arc hubs and Pillar Wing 20 spokes. These provide a nice complement to my new Cobalt titanium fully-integrated road frame. I'm running 30mm tires right now; I suspect optimal is probably 28mm for these rims, but I'm not counting every gram of drag. Handling in the strong crosswinds we've had lately is noticeably more argumentative than shallower rims I've built, but not unwieldy. As with all LB rims, I'd easily recommend them to others. Great product, great value.
United States
Nicolas: AR55 with the paintless finish @ 1380g
Peter: I planned to ride Flanders Gravel with my new orderd bike but when the day came this bike was not finished yet. So at the last moment I put another group on my Canyon SLX roadbike and changed the road tires for cross tires on the AR46. You won't believe how rough the course of Flanders Gravel is, but the AR46 wheels did the job perfectly.

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