Erik Olsson : It was a pretty difficult ride but a lot of fun. The rims have improved my riding ability because of the stiffness and strength they provide. With the 32 spoke count they are the strongest and lightest wheels I have ever ridden on. I would say LB should raise the maximum weight restriction above 240lbs because I usually ride at or above that weight and haven’t had any problems with them. PS: Still riding my rims and they have held up very well.
Rawgnar : Nicolai Ion 16 24 hole rims on SunRingle straight-pull hubs with Sapim CX-Ray/Race 1476g excellent! holding up very nicely to the "abuse".
thierry Hellebois : the bike have a nice look.
Erik Donald Olsson : Thankyou so much for the wonderful card! As expected the wheels are working beautifuly. When I build up a 29er I will be buying another set.

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