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Nick Riewe : Hi Nancy, This week I finished building my bike. Here are a couple pics as you requested. I am very happy with your rims....they roll very light and fast. My local wheel builder was very impressed with your rims and mentioned that he has built many wheel sets with Light Bike rims, and in all cases people are very happy with the rims. Great work to you guys!! My bike came in at 18.8 lbs...decent weight for a 19" 650b bicycle. I am waiting for Rock Shox to make the SID WC XX 120mm fork in 650b size so we can loose even more weight. Yes, Ive ridden them a few times. The rims roll very well. Super light and fast. I am running tubeless. I seated the tires using inner tubes for one ride, then pulled the tubes and filled with Stan's no-tube sealant. There are no leaks at the rims and the tires are staying seated on the bead. We normally ride rough and fast terrain with lots of tree roots.
Pavel : It's almost black :)


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