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Brent : Thank you so much. These wheels are gorgeous and I love the way they ride!
United States
Andreas : AR56 rim brake. The 30mm wide rim worked fine with the Ultegra calipers. Really easy to set up tubeless with Vittoria Corsa tires.
ChooChooNY : My new LB WR56 wheels with DT Swiss 350 hubs. Running tubeless with Conti 5000s (25mm) - very smooth and comfy. I got a KOM on my first ride with them -- one that I'd been trying for over the past few months. It was, however, very difficult to mount the Continental Grand Prix 5000 TLE tires on the WR56 rims. The same tires had about 200 miles on them and just needed a tiny help from a tire lever to mount on my other non-LB wheels (and seated with a track pump). For the WR56s I had to tie a strap around the tire to hold it to the rim while I manhandled the rest of the tire onto the rim. I then needed an air compressor to seat the beads. No way will I be able to fix a flat using an innertube when I'm outside on the road. I do love the speed of these wheels!
United States
Peter : Bike is a Lemond Victoire with a mix of Dura-Ace derailleurs and 105 shifters. Wheel build is the Light Bicycle AR56 rim 24h front and 28h rear laced with DT double butted spokes with Sapim double square blue alloy nipples on Hope RS4 hubs. I have been building wheels for 20 years and have been impressed with the quality and finish of these rims.
Denis : InterCityBike DFXL Velomobile 25kg

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