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Jeda: LB AR56 on DT Swiss 350 hubs
Josh: The AR56 rims laced to DTswiss 350 hubs have been phenomenal. They've stayed true for over 7500mi on rough bay area roads and only recently needed very minor truing to the rear wheel (front is still true). Not only are they faster and stiffer than the stock aluminum rim, but they sound amazing at speed. They've helped me convert my felt VR (endurance geometry) to feel much more race oriented, and helped me start racing (primarily crits) this past year.
United States
Kionne: AR56, faaaaast!
Phillip: Bike: Canyon Endurace CF SL Disc 7.0 (Color Flash Blue) Rims: AR56 (30mm wide), w/o Access Holes Spokes: Sapim CX-Ray/Sprint (Drive Side) Hubs: Bitex BX312F/BX312R Nipples: Brass Valves: Muc Off Tubeless Valves V2, black, 80mm Tire: Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR 700Cx28 The wheels are gorgeous and the all new Conti tires where quite easy to install and are absolutely sealed without the use of rim tape! My bike has enough clearance for the wide rims (30mm) with 28mm tires. The tires measure a tiny bit smaller than the rims, so i got maximum aero gains ;)
Light Bicycle: Rims: AR56 Disc (30mm wide) Flyweight Hook Glossy UD With Access Holes 24H WR65 Disc Flyweight Hook Glossy UD With Access Holes 24H
Lau: AR56 with Novatec hubs. Tubeless setup. They perform super well. Compliant and comfy but still very fast. Took some work mounting GP 5000 tubeless tires, but they deliver such a sublime superb performance paired with this wheelset and the width of these rims. Windy weather is no problem with this rim height. No need for any kind of hub service or spoke tensioning after 3000 km of riding. Superb customer service from Light Bicycle from order to delivery.
Shane: Had my wheelset for a little while now and clocked up their 1000th km today. Mixed depth set with WR45 front and AR56 rear laced to Ultegra hubs with CX Ray spokes. Under current COVID restrictions we're limited to our Local Government so today's ride was a century around the LGA. Blessed with the area I live in that included an 8km climb and then descent, a mix of road conditions from a gravel sector through to smooth tarmac and sections of shared path. Wheels were great throughout and couldn't be happier with my choice for an all purpose wheelset.
Jeda: AR56 making a massive difference to the look and feel of the Merida :)
Ian: We installed my friend’s wheelset yesterday and went for a ride. He is well happy with them. Jus reciting to let you know. “Good quality and comfort ride” - he said
Maximilian: AR56 Disc Wheelset in Satin UD finish with waterdrain holes, DT Swiss 180 Hubs, Sapim CX Ray Spokes on my S-Works Tarmac SL7. Tubeless installation was as easy as it could be. The Wheelset feels great. Thanks a lot!
John: That is fine the wheels are great thanks
United States

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