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Armin : I bought Road Bike Rims last June and November maybe you can still remember it (Invoice 35033 & 38014) Everything is fine with it! They are great! Please see attached some Pictures of both bicycles! Now I would like to order 2 sets of rims (4 pcs rims) again.
Peter : 45mm U-shape rims built up for my track bike. The front has a brake track which is great for getting to the velodrome. They look great and the build quality looks and feels fantastic.
kamaro frameworks : Front rims are RRU45C02 and the rear are RRU55C02 with Alfine hub. The tires are Schwalbe Pro One 622x28. No problems with this combination and tubeless use. Many thanks, great wheels.
Czech Republic
Charlie : Great road bike set, deep, light and durable.
steve becraft : I did a few group rides and I got a lot of compliments on the wheels.
Leif Greve : Everthing is OK. I will use the rims with disc brakes ,no need for special brake surface. I bougt the same rims from you an year ago. Function perfect. Todays cycling snow and sunshine
Eli : Light bicycle 45mm u-shaped clincher laced with sapim cx-rays to Tune mig/mag hubs.
Jorma Marstio : Great rims RRU45C02/great wheels.Hubs: Planet X aka. ChosenSpokes: Sapim LaserWeight: 1520 grams without skewers
Look695UK Edition 100miles : I agonized over what wheels to put on this frameset for months. I wanted carbon and tubeless. There are not many to choose from. I have always built my own wheels, I ran a shop for almost 20 years and have built hundreds of wheels over the years. I chose these as several of my friends run their carbon MTB rims and have been flawless. I opted for these purely based on the timely responses to all of my questions. I built them up over a snowy weekend. Laced them with different color nipples untill I decided on red alloy nipples. Sapim CX-Ray Aero spokes on Hope Hubs ( love Hope, have everything they make on all my bikes) Front went together easily, the rear was a pain. I had a hell of a time making it perfectly round. I go to 0.5mm on my truing stand, and had a hard time meeting that number. Once built, I was very impressed with the weight, 1459g for the pair. They look fantastic on the bike, and I'm now toying with building up a second set in the 45mm depth. Then I can switch them out between my 2 road bikes. ( my other is a custom Titanium) As for the ride, I have only put 100 miles on them, I am running Schwalbe Pro One 700x25C tires with stans sealant, orange seal rim tape and WTB ally valve stems. The rims are 25mm wide, this actually pushed the tire out to 28.4mm width. So this makes the ride very plush, but without the squishyness I feel on my standard conti GP4000's. The overall feel of the bike is of speed, yet with a layer of comfort I have never felt on a road bike before. The wheels are stiff ( I weigh about 160Lbs ) super responsive, no flex, and using Reynolds cyro pads, no howling from the brakes. Infact the braking is excellent, although I have yet to try them in the rain. Of course it is still early days, but overall I am very impressed with the product and would absolutely recommend anyone to try them.


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