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LB : Front: R65 Non Disc - High TG Surface matte UD 20H external hole With Holes HUB-F Bitex RAF10 QR / 100mm J-bend Non Disc Black 20H SPOKE Sapim CX Ray Black J-bend NIPPLE Sapim Aluminium Black Polyax External Rear: R88 Non-Disc - High TG Surface matte UD 24H external hole With Holes HUB-R Bitex RAR9 QR / 130mm Shimano Road 11S J-bend Non-Disc Black 24H 24T SPOKE Black J-bend Sapim CX Ray NIPPLE Sapim Polyax Aluminium Black External
PEK : Very stiff wheels and hold speed really well! Only felt the weight penalty starting from a stand still at traffic junctions and climbing up NTU Hill. Quite stable too with varying wind conditions, though some twitches when there were back gusts from heavy vehicles passing by. Very comfortable too with the 28mm tyres (actual measure width close to 30mm).

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