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Adam: The wheels are on a Rodeo Adventure Labs Flaanimal 5.0 frame (gravel bike). I do almost exclusively off-road riding here in the East Bay area of California.
United States
Ross: Big fan of these wheels-fast, light and tough!
United States
A-Pradhan: LB WR50 laced to Dt swiss 240 hubs using Berd Polylight Spokes w/ 32mm Continental GP 5000 TL tires are perfect for an all-road setup.
United States
Jackie: Specialized Tarmac SL6 Sport with WR50 front, AR55 in rear w/ DT 240 EXP hubs
United States
Konstantin: Cinelli King Zydeco For long gravel rides, bikepacking, and gravel racing. Light Bicycle WR50 Flyweight & Novatec Carbon Hubs
Bram: Pick up my new Light Bicycle wheels at the best bike shop in Utrecht. 50mm deep carbon rims with a 32mm width shape. Sunday evening ride.
Light Bicycle: Rims: WR50 Disc 12k glossy 28H Tubeless standard WR65 Disc 12k glossy 28H Tubeless standard Hubs: DT SWISS 350 12/100mm straight pull Center lock Black DT SWISS 350 12/142mm Shimano Road 11S straight pull Center lock Black 18T Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black straight pull Nipples: Sapim Brass black external Weight: 1801.44grams
Light Bicycle: Rims: WR50 Disc Paintless 3K Twill Horizontal 24/28H Tubeless-ready Flyweight Hubs: Industry Nine 1/1 12/100mm J-bend Center lock Black Enduro Brand Industry Nine 1/1 12/142mm Sram XDR Alloy J-bend Center lock Black 90T Enduro Brand Spokes: Sapim CX Sprint-Rear drive side/ CX Ray-Other sides Black J-bend Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Silver Universal Internal Weight: 1554.72 grams
Alex: Very handsome WR50 wheelset, perfectly matches my frame. Built with i9 Torch CL hubs, Sapim CX-Ray spokes, and Sapim alloy nipples. Tire clearance is quite good on my Tarmac SL6; brand-new 28 mm Vittoria Corsa Controls measure exactly 31 mm, with rear chainstay tire clearances of ~3.9 mm on each side and front clearances of slightly more than 6 mm on both sides and the top of the tire. Both wheels are as true as I can measure with them on the frame. I don't have a tension meter, but plucking the spokes reveals no variation in tone between spokes on the same side of the wheel. Can't yet speak as to their durability, but I have high hopes, since my friend's identically-specced (hubs, spokes, nipples) AR56 wheelset has seen several thousand miles of abuse and remains in near-flawless condition, and the build quality of my own wheels is similarly high.
United States
Light Bicycle: Rims: WR50 Falcon Pro series Paintless UD 700C 24/24H Hubs: Carbon-Ti X-Hub CL SP 12/100mm 12 / 142mm Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black Decal Color: Black Weight: 1443.28g
Avery: Absolutely love these wheels. They completely transformed my bike. This used to be the bike that got a flat every time I went out, that was rough on the road, that was jarring on gravel, that was there to go fast but not for fun. That's all gone. Now this is the bike I pick over my plush gravel bike for nearly anything - it soaks up road bumps beautifully, feels more planted and confident near the limits of cornering, and hasn't had a flat in hundreds of miles thanks to a tubeless setup. And despite all this comfort, I'm able to push this bike faster than ever even in the straights, up hills, and down them again. Bike: 2019 3T Strada Pro Rims: Light Bicycle WR50 Hubs: i9 Torch Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Tires: Continental GP5000 TL Tubeless w/ Orange Seal, wheels built/prepped beautifully by Light Bicycle, 55 psi front / 60 psi rear, 90kg rider
United States
United States

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