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Deepak : THANKS SO MUCH for managing to get them to me in time. They look great. Not yet ridden them. Just set them up.
United States
Jet : Hi, here are pics of my Scott Addict with Lightbicycle wheels. DT Swiss 350 disc, WR56C02 road disc rims, CX Ray Spokes, 28 Spoke rear, 24 spoke front.
United States
Noodle : FTR my 56mm deep hoops (23.09mm internal, 30.47mm external) and 30mm Schwalbe G-One Speed tires, measured 31.65mm @ 60psi.
United States
Jeremy : I appreciate your work. Look forward to receiving the parts and rebuilding... And riding!! Just need the front wheel so i can also photograph and promote my new light bicycle wheelset! ;-) decided to fit and ride the rear wheel today...
Erico : They are great, perfectly built, everything as expected! Here's that post : Thank you.
Warwick : Finally got a good pic of my bike with the RR56 rims on. They are going great! Easy to setup tubeless and am running 25mm front 28mm rear tires with no issues.
New Zealand

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