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Sam: There's a common theme across all my bikes... They all roll on Lightbicycle Wheels, quite simply the best value performance wheels on the planet.
Yoshiaki: R45 Wheels
Victor: RRU45C02d 24H UD satin Without Holes hook Disc RRU45C02d 24H UD satin Without Holes hook Disc HUB-F DT SWISS 240 EXP 12 / 100mm straight pull Center lock Black 24H HUB-R DT SWISS 240 EXP 12 / 142mm Shimano Road 11S straight pull Center lock Black 24H EXP 36 SPOKE Black straight pull Sapim CX Ray NIPPLE Sapim Aluminium Black glossy black decals nonremovable The wheels are mounted on a Xelius SL Pro FDJ 2017, 7.0 kg with pedals, bottle cages etc. I exchanged my ultegra 37mm wheels for this incredible wheelset: my bike has been really transformed: not only it is lighter by 300g but the wheels are incredibly stiff and responsive, and I do feel the significant improvement in the flat of the 45 mm rims. I'd recommend Lightbicycle to anyone based on that experience and the quality of the rims!
Emacdo: Bought a set of 35MM and 45MM rim brake rims and built them up over the winter with a pair of Campy Electron hubs (completely rebuilt). The 35/45 configuration is a great all-rounder setup - climber in the front, aero in the back. They were fantastically easy to lace up due to their very tight construction tolerances. Finally have been able to take them on a couple of shorter rides in the last couple weeks (now that Spring is here where I live) and they were fabulous. Rode 90+ miles today on chip seal and washboard roads and the rims handled really well. These are now my favorite wheels. I can't say as much about the Conti 5k tires, but that has nothing to do with the rims (switching to a set of Vittoria Corsas after today's ride). The roads around here are passable at best, so I have done my best to beat these rims around and they have responded perfectly. I can't wait to put many more miles on them.
United States
Roger: Rims: R45/R65 Mixed Combo Non-Disc Hubs: Acros Nineteen RD 24/32 Frame: VPACE T1R Titanium I ordered the rims separately according to my own wishes (3K twill vertical no decal) and built them by myself. The wheels perform very well under all conditions. It's always a pleasure to ride with them.
Flo: Rear: FALCON rim R65 disc Road Front: FALCON rim R45 disc Road Hubs: DT Swiss 240 EXP Staightpull DT Aerolite Spokes and hidden nipples perfect!
Geoff: The color scheme looks great! Fast, smooth riding ahead!
United States
Murph: I’m loving my new wheels, I just finished refreshing my Moots with a new Enve seat post, stem, fork, Easton EC90 Aero bars and wanted to share an updated picture of my bike. This bike has 30,000 miles on it.
United States
Idrus: R45 Non-Disc Wheelset (DT Swiss 240 EXP)
JC: R45 Non-Disc Build
United States
Robin: Here is the sk with the light rims! Love them! Thanks
Brian: Here's my new build with Light Bicycle Falcon R45 25mm clinchers on my 2019 Fuji SL 1.1. I love the overall finish on these wheels, they really make the bike. The ride is of course amazingly responsive, especially with the 23mm tires. It's ready to hit the race circuit. No official weight recorded, but it seems about right at that 7 kg mark, so we'll see how the climbs go! The groupset is Ultegra R8000, but this bike shines with the tried and true tech: traditional mount rim brakes, round seatpost, no electronic shifting, alloy round bars, & no dropped seat stays.
United States

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