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James : Thank you. It's a village called Hoveringham on the outskirts of Nottingham. I'm always in a good mood when riding my bike, its freedom. Of course, you are more than welcome to share on your website. Wheels are amazing and I will definitely be buying from you again in the future.
Patrick : Here is the complete bike with my new Light Bicycle U-Rim "4.5" UST wheelset (45mm front/55mm rear). I'm using Maxxis Padrone TR 25mm tubeless road tires, they went on very easy without any tools! I spent an entire evening installing tubeless tyres on my Shamal wheelset, in conparison this was a breeze. The ride was very comfortable, but wheels still ultra responsive. It was quick on flats, spun up quickly, and light enough for hills. No flex or rub at all under power in hills or sprints. These are very nice all around wheels, the fit and finish is excellent.
Michael : Cervelo S3 with Light-bicycle 45mm u-shape wheels. Rides like a dream. Stickers is just to add some flair :)
Sylvain : wheels recieved, mounted, tested (a bit) : i'm happy i've ordered another pair. Very good quality ! WR50C02--------12k matte, 24H/24H, Novatec D711/D712 for Shimano 8/9/10, black hubs,spokes & nipples WRU45C02-------UD matte, 20H/24H, Novatec A291/F482 for Shimano 11s, white hubs, black spokes & red nipples
David : my 2013 R3 with the new 45mm U-shaped wheels. I have ridden about 200km on them now and they have been amazing! Thank you so much! The wheels were perfectly true right out of the box. The bike is now lighter and stiffer and accelerates much faster. The aerodynamics of the wheels, at least subjectively, feel like it has raised my top speed by a few km/h. Even in gusty crosswinds, the bike feels stable and predictable. And as a bonus, the ride is noticeably smoother and more comfortable. I am using 23mm Vittoria Rubino Pro tyres and SwissStop Black Prince pads with about 1mm toe-in. There is plenty of clearance for the tyres and so far everything seems to be working perfectly.

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