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MARCEL: G3 Lacing
Jos: Canyon Endurace CF 7.0 with Light Bicycle R55 rims, Miche Primate Syntesi hubs, CN Mac aero spokes, Sapim brass nipples. Wheels have been built locally. First impression is great, low weight, smooth rolling and really like the looks.
Light Bicycle: Rims: R55 disc 24H matte UD tubeless ready standard Hubs: Novatec D411SB 12 / 100mm straight pull 6-bolt Black Novatec D412SB 12 / 142mm Shimano Road 11S straight pull 6-bolt Black 27T Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black Weight: 1588.48 grams
Vasan: Here are a few pics of my bike with LB wheels. Rode this morning. Felt really good.
Joe: WRU55C02(wheelset R55), DT350 hubs, Sapim CX Ray spokes, Stealth decals, fitted with Conti GP5000 clinchers on my 2015 Felt Z3. Amazed at the difference in acceleration and top speed. 590 grams lighter than the 35mm deep alloy rim & Conti GP 4-Season tire setup they replaced. Dry braking performance (Standard High TG Surface) is on a par with alloy rims. Crosswind stability is better than expected. I've already put over 1000 miles (1600 km) and I can say I am very happy with these wheels!
United States
Wallace: Specs: Rim: R55 UD Satin 20/24 Hubs: Carbon-Ti X road spokes: Sapim CX Ray nipples: aluminum black tires: GP5000 25mm (with tubes) Great wheelset. Matches really well with my foil 10. Highly recommended.
United States
Light Bicycle: Rims: R55 Non-Disc Grooved Graphene Surface UD Matte 20/24H Tubeless-ready Standard Weight Hubs: Industry Nine Torch 100QR & 130QR J-bend Black 60T Shimano Road 11s Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black J-bend Nipples: DT Swiss Aluminium Black External Weight: 1623.84 grams
Light Bicycle: Rims: R55 Disc 24H glossy (Unfit with glossy decal) UD With Holes Hubs: Novatec D411SB & D412SB 12/100mm 12/142mm SP 6B Black 24/24H Shimano Road 11S 27T Spokes: Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420 Nipples: DT SWISS Aluminium Black
Leonard: Love these wheels so much, built really easy shows how well they are made and age super stiff
Light Bicycle: RIMS: R55 Disc 700C Falcon series 24/24h matte UD without spoke access holes HUBS: DT SWISS 350 CL SP 12 / 100mm 12 / 142mm Road 11s SPOKES: Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420 NIPPLES: DT Swiss Brass Black Weight: 1590.2 grams
Hayden: The wheels have been working and looking great. Thank you for all the help you gave me.
Light Bicycle: R35 Disc 35mm Rim R55 Disc 55mm Rim Hubs: Chris King R45D Matte Turquoise Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black J-bend NIPPLE Sapim Aluminium Blue Polyax Secure Lock External

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