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Claudio : geared 29+ mountain unicycle - built as seen in my dreams - rides like a dream
Armin : I bought Road Bike Rims last June and November maybe you can still remember it (Invoice 35033 & 38014) Everything is fine with it! They are great! Please see attached some Pictures of both bicycles! Now I would like to order 2 sets of rims (4 pcs rims) again.
Jano : It's my cannodnale scalpel 27,5 with LB's rims, handlebars and seatpost. I put rougly 3000 km onroad and offroad onto these wheels and i have to tell you that the rims seems to be perfectly ok so far and they look even better :). Haven't have any problems since i built them and hopefully there wont be any problems with them. I will probably place one more order for mtb carbon frame 27,5 and another set of the rims.

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