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TAM : AR56 with GP5000 TL DT240 hubs. The wheelset is very high quality, mounting tyre could be a little problem at first (so be patient, you can do it ^^), easy inflated with floor bump. I like the carbon wheel sound.
Marvino : Hi, Light Bicycle 55mm with DT-240 hubs so I put the wheels through some good rides this week, to include a 70 miler with 5,000ft elevation.... Wheels are amazing....smooth!! Braking is excellent (love the sound the ridges make when braking), and they climb really well for 55mm deep wheels. And they are fast....I can feel the difference, maybe the 240 hubs and deeper section wheels but they move. No increase in crosswind affecting my steering. Feels quick in the sprint as well, did some high watt sprint and for 95kg rider, they respond they perform well in all aspects a wheel should I guess, Aero, Climbing, Descending (in crosswinds), braking, response (sprinting) and maintaining overall speed.... More pics coming of them on my second bike.
Hiroyuki : I will use it for cyclocross.
Albert : Fantastic wheelset, this is the 35 mm depth, great allrounder. KOM busters.
Yasu : I'm very satisfied with your service. Thank you for a great product. And Just now,I am ordering cyclocross wheel. :)

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