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Replaceable Paintless Rim Stickers

Buy & Configure

Please note that you can only order the accessories along with rims/wheelset.
If you want to customize, leave a comment or email us (


The new looking Avery vinyl log-kit is initially used in the high-end Recon Pro lineup in 11 colors and is expanded its usage for any other rims now. The Avery vinyl sticker is replaceable and easy to install.

  • One set includes 2 pieces of stickers that could cover 1 rim.
  • Available in 12 colors: Blue, Green, Magenta (pink), Orange, Red, White, Yellow, Silver, Gold, Turquoise, Purple, Oil slick.
  • Durable and easy to apply or replace as necessary.
  • Please clean the area where the sticker is being applied with isopropyl alcohol or similar. Make sure the rim is completely dry before applying the stickers. A small amount of heat from a hair dryer or heat gun can be used to help adhere the sticker to the rim if you are in a cold area. Do not overheat the sticker.


Light: Rims: RM650BC05 (30 Inner Width & 25.5 Depth) Glossy 12K 32H With Access Holes external hole No Drain Holes Hubs: Industry Nine Hydra Purple 15/110mm Boost 12/148mm Boost Sram XD 690T Spokes: Custom titanium spokes (purple & golden) Nipples: Custom titanium nipples (purple & golden) * The RM650BC05 is no longer available online. Leave a comment below if you want to special order.
Light: Moto G3 (RB025) satin UD 32H external nipple hole No Access Holes Moto G3 (RB025) satin UD 32H internal nipple hole With Access Holes
Light: Moto Cruiser (RB423) 28H external hole Matte UD Schrader With Access Holes
Light: Rims: AR35 Disc Hook Paintless UD Tubeless With Drain Holes 28/28H Hubs: Onyx Vesper 12/100 12/142 Centerlock Shimano Road 11s Powdercoat-Blue Candy Spokes: Sapim CX Sprint (Rear Drive Side only) / CX Ray (Other Sides) J-Bend Nipples: Sapim Aluminum Black External
Light: Rims: AR375d Disc Flyweight/Standard hook paintless braided UD 24/24H external hole tubeless Hubs: Onyx Vesper Anodized-Black Matte 12/100mm Center lock J-bend Ceramic Onyx Vesper Anodized-Black Matte 12 / 142mm Ceramic Sprag Clutch Shimano Road 11S Alloy Spokes: Sapim CX Ray black straight pull Nipples: Sapim brass black external Weight: 1740.92g
Light: Rims: WR40 Disc Flyweight Hook Paintless Braided UD 24/24H Tubeless Hubs: DT Swiss 180 Straightpull C-Lock 12/100mm 12/142mm Sram XDR EXP 36T Ceramic Spokes: Sapim CX Ray black Nipples: Sapim aluminum black external Weight: 1317.88g



Tim-David 2019/07/15

Hello, Which pantone color do you use for the Recon Pro vinyl decals in orange? Regards Tim

LightBicycle 2019/07/17

Hi Tim, The stickers for our Recon Pro series aren't in Pantone colors, it's from Avery Dennison's graphics system(vinyl film). Which one are you interested in? We can customized color, send me the color code and I will check the availability for you. Light Blue: Avery HP750, cascade blue #642 Blue: Avery HP750, process blue C#682 Turquoise: Avery HP750, real teal #715 Green: Avery HP750, Pantone 354 C#726 Red: Avery HP750, Red #440 Orange: Avery HP750, #360 Yellow: Avery HP750, Process Yellow C #206 White: Avery HP750, 101 Purple: Avery HP750, Purple #513 Black: Avery HP750, glossy black 190 Gold: Avery HP950, gold 213 Siver: Avery HP950, silver 869 Thanks, Lightbicycle


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