Standard, Flyweight and Heavy-Duty, What’s the Difference?

Standard, Flyweight, and Heavy-Duty rims do not refer to certain rim models, but different layup styles. Since there are so many different kinds of riders, terrain, events, and sub-disciplines, we need to fine-tune our rims to be more suitable for your situation. It’s not as simple as changing the weight of the rim by adding or removing carbon layers. The entire layup needs to be redesigned to ensure the strength and ride characteristics are suitable for a given discipline.

If you’ve decided which style to go and wish to make sure the rim model you pick can be made in the specific version, you can skip to the charts at the bottom of this page.


Who is it for?

Middleweight riders of most riding types (XC, road, all-mountain, general trail riding, and even light Enduro).

What is the Standard style?

The rims we make with our standard layup are made exclusively with Toray T700. The production process is simplified when using one primary fabric type. Toray T700 has a nice balance of stiffness, weight, and strength, making it a great choice for the high-value rim.

Heavy Duty

Who is it for?

Super clyde riders (over 220lbs) or aggressive riding.

What is Heavy Duty?

For our heavy-duty (HD) rim version, we add material in some key areas and rework the angles on our standard layup. The largest change is adding a layer of carbon (typically 3K weave) wrapped around the air bladder in the opposite orientation of the previous wrap. The end result is an increase in overall strength, wall thickness, and stiffness. These rims are more suitable for heavy-duty applications as they can handle g-out forces, rock abrasions and compressions better than our lightweight rims.

Generally speaking, an HD rim adds approximately 50 grams over their standard counterpart, but rim diameters including the spoke length required are the same for both styles.


What is Flyweight?

Our Flyweight layup is significantly different from our other styles. We still use T700, but also introduce Toray’s T800, which is lighter and stiffer in comparison. Rims that are exclusively made with T800 are too stiff and can become brittle, so we use a blend.

Typically there is more stress introduced between the T700 and T800 layers because of the stiffness difference between material types. We solve this by using thinner unidirectional prepregs with a very low fiber areal weight which allows for a more adjustable layup. Since there are many more layers to build up the same thickness of a standard or HD rim, it’s more time consuming to perform the layup and there is significantly more material used. Internally, we vary the thickness at the nipple bed to reinforce the spoke holes while eliminating excess material in between.

The result? Flyweight rim comes in with an incredible lightweight, but also inevitably with a bit of compromises in strength and stiffness. Even with our Pro series, the flyweight rims are not as strong as the standard type.

Who is it for?

Our Flyweight layup is suitable for paved road, cross country, and XC marathon riders or for those looking to build the lightest wheels. The weight limit is 90kg (198lbs).

Flyweight of Various Finishes

The claimed weight of the Flyweight version online is with a matte finish. If you want a glossy or satin paint, the rim will add an extra 8~10g. Our Pro series models do not come with other finishes as they come out of the mold as a finished product.

Layup Styles

Check the charts to see if your go-to models are available in Flyweight or Heavy-Duty versions (some are not offered as an option in the Buy & Configure part on the product pages, feel free to contact us). Also, we produce some models in Ultra-Light or HD-Plus styles to meet the needs of superlight riders or more extreme uses. Please email us ( to special order.

AR24 disc-27mm wide 360 320 280
AR46 disc-28mm wide 435 415 405
AR56 disc-30mm wide 460 430 X
AR28 disc-29mm wide 380 330 X
AR36 (650B) disc-29mm wide 380 370 X
AR36(700C) disc-28mm wide 410 (hookless)
400 (hooked)
R65 disc-25mm wide 540 480 X
R35T disc-25mm wide 360 330 X
R55T disc-25mm wide 430 410 X
R25T disc-25mm wide 330 290 X
R55 disc-25mm wide 490 465 X
R45T disc-25mm wide 410 390 X
R45 disc-25mm wide 445 X X
R25 disc-25mm wide 385 375 365
R35 disc-25mm wide 405 380 X
AR56-30mm wide 490 460 X
AR46-28mm wide 460 435 430
AR36-28mm wide 440 410 400
R65-25.85mm wide 540 515 X
R88-26.5mm wide 650 X X
R35T-25mm wide 360 340 330
R55T-25mm wide 430 410 X
R25T-25mm wide 330 290 X
R55-25mm wide 515 485 X
R45T-25mm wide 410 X X
R45-25mm wide 475 445 X
R25-25mm wide 405 385 X
R35-25mm wide 435 410 395
AR35-28mm wide 410 360 X
AR45-28mm wide 460 390 X
WR45-32mm wide 450 408 X
WR35-32mm wide 440 395 X
WR50-32mm wide 470 420 X
WR38-32mm wide 440 395 X
WR65-32mm wide 540 500 X
WR35 650b-32mm wide 370 X X

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EN732-650B 470 X 400 (not suggested) 520 X
EN932-29ER 500 X 420 (not suggested) 550 X
XC925-29ER 360 X 295 400 X
XC725-650B 345 X 285 380 X
AM927-29ER 400 X 340 XC 450 X
AM727-650B 385 X 330 XC 430 X
AM930-29ER 440 400 350 XC 490 X
AM730-650B 425 390 340 XC 475 X
AM935-29ER 470 X 440 520 X
AM735-650B 455 X 425 505 X
RM29C06-29ER 360 320 280 380 X
RM650BC09-650B 320 X 270 370 X
RM26C06-26ER 440 X X 490 560
AM933-29ER 460 X 440 510 560
AM740-650B 480 X X 530 580
AM733-650B 460 X X 510 560
AM724-650B 385 X 290 430 X
AM728-650B 410 X 370 460 X
AM928-29ER 430 X 400 480 530
RM29C19-29ER 395 X 355 445 470
RM650BC14-650B 450 X X 500 580
RM29C15-29ER 490 X X 540 600
RM650BC13-650B 455 X X 505 570
RM29C14-29ER 465 X X 515 565
RM26C05-26ER 420 X X 485 540
RM29T01-29ER 320 X 265 X X
RM29C07-29ER 420 X 380 465 500
RM650BC05-650B 400 X 370 455 480
RM26C03-26ER 440 385 365 460 500
RM26C02-26ER 360 X 300 400 X
FAT680-26ER 580 X X 700 X
FS680-26ER 500 X X X X
RSNOW05-650B 580 X 550 670 X
RSNOW03-26ER 500 X X 550 580~900

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If you are on the fence between categories, consider the lighter version up front, and the heavier version in the rear. The rear wheel sees far greater forces compared to the front wheel so it’s perfectly acceptable to mix layups within the wheelset. If you’re not sure which to choose, please send us an email describing your riding situation.

The customization fees for flyweight or HD style range from $8 to $20 per rim. Please contact us or leave a comment if you have any questions.

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Aslam 2020/10/30

Hi, I have purchased rims from you before. I’m looking to custom design a top of the range ultra light rim set suitable for climbing on paved roads. My bike can accommodate up to 25mm wide rim in 700c size. I ride a Bianchi Oltre XR4. My weight is 72kg. My group set is SRAM Etap 11 speed. Pls propose a wheel set with focus on lightest weight and best rolling resistance. I would like high quality bearings and hubs.

LightBicycle 2020/10/30

Hi Aslam, For Bianchi Oltre XR4 bike, we recommend below AR35 28mm wide road disc wheelset for you. We just sent and email to you, please check. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Jon 2020/10/14

Hi. Is the Flyweight weight limit on the rider or the rider plus bike? I am 80kg and riding a bike that will weight c 8kg or just over 10kg with full Bidons etc

LightBicycle 2020/10/15

Hi John, The limited weight refers to the rider weight, not rider+ bike's weight. Some special make light version has a special request for the rider weight, which bike rim are you interested in? I can check if your profile is a good fit for the rim before you settle anything. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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