Please contact us for customized orders before purchasing.


1. Graphics

All of our carbon fiber rims come stock as in a black finish with optional Light Bicycle graphics. If you want to have a custom graphic, we can create and install your design on the rims. Custom graphics are applied after the sanding process and then covered with a glossy or matte clear coat. This makes your graphics more durable, however they are not removable. For the custom graphics, please email us a picture or describe what you would like. Customized graphics add approximately US $65 to the total order.

For reference, please find more customized decals.

2. Color painting

We also offer full-color painting on our rims. This painting will cover the whole rim without rim bed/channel. Please let us know which color you'd like for the custom color painting, and we will check whether or not your choice is possible. It’s the US $15 and will add 15g~20g for each rim.

Custom carbon rim color painting in white

1. UST

While you can choose to order UST style rims with an undrilled bead seat, we tend to prefer standard drilled rims. UST rims tend to be heavier and much more difficult to assemble or replace spokes. In our experience, a standard taped tubeless rim is equally effective for setting up tubeless and makes it much easier to service or replace spokes and nipples.

custom rim without drilling hole on rim bed

2.Schrader valve hole VS Presta valve hole

The diameter on Presta valve hole is 6.5mm (standard option). The diameter on Schrader valve hole is 8.0mm. All of our rims come standard with a valve hole driller for Presta valves, however, you can request that we drill the rims for the less common Schrader valves. While Mountain bikes will sometime have Schrader valves, it is very unusual to have Schrader valves on higher-end mountain bikes or road bikes.

close look of presta/french valve and Schrader/American valve

3. Hidden/internal nipple hole

The diameter on external nipple hole is 4.5mm(Standard option). The diameter on internal nipple hole is 2.5mm. On the internal design, forces are equally divided over the entire nipple, making the internal design stronger and more reliable. This is because the contact area between the nipple and the rim is twice as when the rims is drilled for external nipples. This decreases stress on the rim.

4. Reinforced Rim

Need reinforced rim for a particular purpose? We can add an extra layer of carbon to the rim for use in extreme riding conditions, E-bikes, tandems, and wheelchairs. Please let us know your purpose of the reinforced rim, and we will consult our engineers on availability.

where the extra carbon fiber would add to

5.Custom holes count/angle/size/offset

We are able to custom drill a wide variety of spoke counts, and some rims can have a custom spoke angle, size, or offset. Please contact us directly, and we can consult our engineers on the availability of your request and the timeline.

1. 2:1 lacing/drilling

- Our rims can be drilled for 2:1 spoke lacing. This is a lacing pattern where there are 2 drive spokes forever 1 non-drive side spoke.

- Two choices for evenly spaced, and they are different in the valve hole position. Pls, tell us which drilling methods you’d like.

2. G3

-How many spokes do you have for drive side and non-drive side?

-What’s the value for A, B, C, D from the attachment?

G3 drilling arc length metrics Gexample-wheelset-built-with-G3-lacing-pattern.png

3.Cannondale AI(ASYMMETRIC INTEGRATION) 6mm offset

Our wheels can be laced for the Cannondale AI 6mm offset.

Cannondale AI/FSI offset frame instruction illustration

-Cannondale official site article about AI (ASYMMETRIC INTEGRATION)

1. Providing hubs for custom building:

Please email us ( before sending the hubs so we can create a purchase order and provide you with the appropriate instructions for shipping and payment.

2. Looking for Wheels not found on the LB Website?

Custom MTB Wheels:

Custom Road Wheels:

Custom Fatbike wheels:

It is ok to purchase accessories only from Light Bicycle. Please email us if you have any question or special requests need.

Not available online currently

You can purchase hubs, spokes, nipples, bearings, DT Swiss star ratchet, etc from us. Please email us for pricing and availability.

Accessories available online

Replacement MTB rim stickers:

Road Jersey:

XC Jersey:

Enduro Jersey:

LB rim brake pads (For Dura-Ace caliper):

LB Tubeless rim valve stem:

LB Tubeless rim tape:

Light Bicycle is an experienced manufacturer of carbon rims and is dedicated to continuous improvement. We offer competitive OEM prices, however we are rarely the cheapest option. Our factory layout and processes are unique in the industry as we are dedicated to quality and good working conditions. We build lasting relationships with our OEM partners because not only are we hard working, but we are honest and trustworthy.

Mold Cost: By quote, please contact us at

Payment: Paypal (3.5% fee), or Wire Transfer (USD45 fee). Orders over $4,000 USD can be 50% deposit, 50% prior to shipping.

Rim Testing: Upon mold completion (typically 3 weeks), we perform destructive testing and e-mail the data for review. Two test rims will be delivered to the customer. If rim alterations are desired, we will provide two additional test rims at no charge. Extra rims beyond this point would have to be charged. Please note that all shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer.

Engineering: Our engineers are very experienced, so alterations are rarely required. However, we recommend an initial small production run for good measure. If you do not have an in-house composite engineer, our staff can assist with all aspects of the design.

Production Lead Time: Lead times are 3-4 weeks for most orders, with approximately one week shipping (EMS air shipping). If you require a faster transit, DHL shipping is available at an up-charge. Container shipping is also available for large orders.

We appreciate the opportunity to quote and hope to hear from you soon!

  • Graphic/Decal Design
  • Custom LB Rims
  • Custom Wheel Lacing
  • Custom Wheelbuilding
  • Component Purchase
  • Custom Rim Mold (OEM)



paul 2019/01/15

Hi there, i am building a set of your previous generation of rims. they are the 650b + 50mm wide rims. i am wondering if you have the erd and offset for those rims available? Let me know thank you. paul

LightBicycle 2019/01/16

Hi Paul, Is it RM650BC14 50mm wide plus 650B rim? If yes, you can check the attached rim drawing. The drilling is +/-4mm offset from the center line. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Elliot 2019/01/09

Is it possible to get novatech disc hubs in 12x100 and 12x142 for a build?

LightBicycle 2019/01/10

Hi Elliot, Yes, it is okay to build road wheelset with Novatec road disc hubs D411SB/D412SB with front 12*100/rear 12*142mm. Which road wheelset do you like? And what spokes do you like? Then we can quote accordingly. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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