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***Important, please read carefully!***

cavect WARNING
• Check the condition of product as soon as you receive it

If the product is significantly damaged during shipment, please contact us within 7 days after signing and keep the original waybill, packing boxes, etc. If the product does not match your order, please contact us within 7 days after signing for the package.

• Avoid Improper Storage and Transport

Make sure to transport and store the rims away from extreme heat. If you are transporting the bikes on a rear mount vehicle, make sure the wheels are not in the line the exhaust fumes from your car. This heat can damage the resin in your rim and is not covered by warranty.

• Choose the right spokes

DO NOT use the straight gauge 2mm or thicker in diameter spoke when building the wheel. Doing so will void the warranty. Straight Gauge spokes are too stiff to build with LB carbon rims and can cause the rim to crack prematurely. The thickest spokes that can be used on our rims are double butted 2/1.8/2mm. For more issues regarding warranty please visit our official website.

• Make sure your new rim(s) built by certified or experienced carbon wheel builder.

A professional carbon wheel builder will use a tension meter and ensure that the wheels are built with a very even tension and are properly stress relieved.

• Follow the spoke direction shown on arrow sticker.

The rims have angled nipple holes that alternate left/right/left. Please lace spokes in the correct direction to avoid spoke hole damage. The direction is shown on arrow sticker near the valve hole.

the spoke direction indicator on rim
• Asymmetric rims building tips.

For asymmetric rims, there are shorter and longer arcs. When viewing from the rim channel, it's easiest to find the shorter side and longer side by looking at the valve hole in relation to the nipple holes. Please make sure the rim is in correct orientation - It is different for front and rear wheels!

Front Wheels: shorter side for drive side, longer side for non-drive (disc) side

Rear Wheels: longer side for drive side, shorter side for non-drive (disc) side

the spoke direction indicator on rim • Build the wheelset with the suitable spoke tension.

Bring the spokes to an even tension, with a maximum tolerance 5% for all drive side and all non-drive side. For our recommended spoke tensions, please see the chart below. During and after building, have the wheel stress relieved properly. If a spoke develops a sharp bend in it while building, please replace the spoke.

We apply the following spoke tension range while building wheels. The following spoke tension chart is for your reference.

front wheel non-drive side rear wheel drive side
MTB/road disc wheelset 120-130 kgf 120-130 kgf
road non-disc wheelset 100-110 kgf 125-135 kgf
fatbike wheelset 100-110 kgf 100-110 kgf

*It is better to make sure the max spoke tension less than 135 kgf while building wheels.

• Tips on tire mounting

Custom carbon rim color painting in white

Put either side of the tire bead COMPLETELY into the deep centre (quite important to ensure gap space for smooth mounting), then push the other side of the tire into the rim deep centre. And then go on.

Check out how to install a tight tire on our YouTube video.

Before reaching out to us for more assistance, please double check:

  • A) Recommended tire width?
  • B) Intended tire (Tubeless/Tubed)?
  • C) Too thick tubeless rim tape?
• Max tire pressure. For hookless rim, DO NOT inflate the tire to more than 40 psi, or it may result in the tire blowing off. Light Bicycle hooked rims are recommended less than 120psi.

• Use a plastic tire lever. We recommend using a plastic tire lever. DO NOT use any stronger (metal) tire lever as that may lead to rim damage.

• Tubeless compatible wheelset set-up. All of our wheelsets are tubeless compatible with the addition of tubeless rim tape, a tubeless valve stem, sealant, and a tubeless compatible tire. To set up the wheelset tubeless, you will need to install tape, install the valve, mount the tire, add sealant, and inflate. The rim must be completely cleaned and dried before installing rim tape. Apply 1 or 2 laps rim tape and be sure the nipple holes are well covered. The rim tape should be overlapped about 2 inch from where you started.

• Having trouble mounting your tires?

Installing road tires on tubeless compatible rims can seem like a challenging task, but the use of proper technique makes the job significantly easier. To learn the technique we used to mount a Continental Gatorskin, a tire infamous for being a challenge to mount, without the use of tire levers, please have a look at our tire mounting video.

If you are still having a problem mounting your tires on our rims it may because you are using regular tires that are intended for use with tubes. Our rims are designed for tubeless tires and, as a result, the tolerances are a little bit tighter. Non-tubeless compatible tires usually have less consistent tolerances on the bead diameter so it is really hit and miss on how they will fit on a tubeless rim. Some might work, but generally they will fit too tight and it will be a challenge to mount the tire. If that is the case, we recommend using a tubeless compatible tire and you could still use a tube in those if you want.

• Schwalbe Tire Test

We wanted to ensure that our rim tolerances did not make mounting tires too much of a challenge, so we sent a number of rims to Schwalbe to be tested. Each one of them came back rated as "Simple, By Hand" when it came to mounting the tire.

  • 1.Read all of the instructions first before starting the application so you understand the entire process.
  • 2.Clean the rim with isopropyl alcohol and let it completely dry before applying the stickers.
  • 3.You can count your spoke holes and divide by 4 in order to figure out the 90 degree orientation to the middle of the sticker. If you have a 32h rim, the middle of the sticker should be 8 counts from the valve sticker.
  • 4.You can fold the sticker in half to double check where the middle is, just be sure not to press down to hard to avoid making a crease.
  • 5.Leave a 1.5-2mm gap along the outside of the rim.
  • 6.Pull the sticker off the backing and apply from the outer diameter first so that you get the correct gap along the outside of the rim. Smooth the sticker on with your finger going back and forth across its length and work your way to the inner diameter.
  • 7.Watch out for any air bubbles as you apply. If a bubble forms, gently lift the sticker to open up the spot with the bubble, and apply pressure to work it out. Do not handle the sticker too aggressively or it can stretch out.
  • 8.Be sure to use clean hands when working with stickers, and if you must touch the back (sticky part) then it is best to use a piece of the wax paper so you do not contaminate the sticker.
  • 9.If there is a contaminant on the back of the sticker, you can try a drop of water on that spot to work the debris off of it. If left on, it may show through.
light bicycle sticker application instruction

  • Wheelset Building Guideline
  • Tire Mounting Guideline
  • Sticker Installation
  • Tubeless Rim Tape and
    Valve Stem Installation



jared 2019/01/28

I just recently bought some LB hoops and I currently have DT Swiss straight pull hubs. There is a disclaimer stating Not to use 2mm spokes. What size straight pull spokes can I use?

LightBicycle 2019/01/29

Hi Jared, As our User Guides indicated, The thickest spokes that can be used on our rims are double butted 2/1.8/2mm. You can check out our video episode "Spokes We Build With" on YouTube Channel. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Rob 2019/01/16

I have owned 3 sets of your wheels, always worked well! I have a 2019 Trek Checkpoint gravel bike that I'm considering upgrading to carbon wheels Im currently running 700x40c Maxis Rambler tires on a stock aluminum wheel. Do you have a recommended rim and or wheel for that bike and tire for mixed road gravel use? Thx Rob

LightBicycle 2019/01/17

Hi Rob, Thank you for your continuous support! For 700*400C gravel wheelset, we have 4 options for you. Please check attached rim profile and below links. Which do you prefer? And what hubs & spokes do you want? We can quote accordingly for you. WR46C02: 28mm wide/46mm deep. WR36C02:28mm wide/36mm deep WR56C02: 30mm wide/56mm deep WR922: 29mm wide/28mm deep Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Gary 2019/01/09

Hi - I ordered the EN928 32H matte UD rims and was wondering if there is a right or wrong side to mount the hubs. I noticed and arrow inside the rim does that indicate the drive side? I'm lacing the rims and need to understand if there is a right or wrong side to place the rim. thank you

LightBicycle 2019/01/10

Hi Gary, We got your message on our website. Please check on rim bed and find the rim serial number. From rim serial number, you can find out which side is for free hub side(drive side). Please find attached picture for your reference. For arrow sticker, it is just for the spoke hole angle direction. It does not show which side is for drive side/which side is for non-drive side. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Mark 2019/01/07

Hi, I want to reuse some Shimano hubs and spokes in a wheel build but need spoke holes to suit 4.75mm nipples. Is this possible on your RRU35C02 rims? Thanks - Mark H

LightBicycle 2019/01/07

Hi Mark, Do you mean the spoke holes or spoke access holes on rim bed? Do you have your nipples link? Then we can check whether 4.75mm hole size is okay for your hub. What spoke size do you use? Is it 14G or 13G? Is it your bike normal bike or E-bike? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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huertas 2018/12/24

hello i m stephane from france My brand SH race can you make me rims with t800+t1000 thanks stephane

LightBicycle 2018/12/25

Hi Stephane, It is okay to customized bike rims with T800+T1000 material. Please let us know which models you like. Then we can get the rim weight & cost accordingly. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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We are here for you if you need any assistance.

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