differences briefings for recon pro / recon

While Recon Pro and Recon Series share some advanced features such as Precisely one-piece layup, Angled holes, Secure bead lock, Tubeless compatibility, Stable uniformity, they go with quite a lot of differences in terms aspects below.

Recon Pro series


No needed. More eco-friendly and more visible of Genuine

carbon fiber property.

Molding process

Use high-class steel molds and advanced process to deliver

precise profiling rims.

Resin system

Updated epoxy resin system bringing in much

more flexural strength.


5 years set as standard. And optional lifetime warranty.


Around USD250 - USD290 per rim

Recon Series


Sanding and painting proceeds.

A smoother surface at the beginning of usage.

Molding process

Use conventional accurately structured molds, and less mold

maintenance is required leading to a significant cost down.

Resin system

Customized epoxy resin system creating an incredibly stable

base for rims.


3 years standard warranty.


Around USD150 - USD180 per rim

If you are going for mountain rims or wheels applying the most advanced technologies but with a much better price, the Recon Pro Series stand out for you.

Or if you have a limited budget, wanting to have a pair of mountain rims/wheels competent to deliver decent performance on major occasions, the most cost-effective Recon Series support you there making your dream come true.

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