From Denmark
Jacob Duus : Nice stickers
From New Zealand
Martin Brown : Cannondale CAADX back from the local wheel builder at Cyco with new Light Bicycle 46mm CX wheels. (Little 'crowns' on the rims are Cyco's emblem. Love them!
Lonnie Hardy : My new Giant Reign , 38mm rims with 2.6 Maxxis tires. I am loving these wheels!
From Hong Kong
Anson : 38MM with Nomad
From United States
Dan Durller : Yes, very satisfied. And no, I do not mind at all - go for it. Thanks once again, and we’ll see you on down the trail! Dan Durller
Eric Hornaday : Handling is vastly improved over whisky 7 rim because narrower width and 80gm lighter.
From Hong Kong
Ray Chan : Santa Cruz V10.6 2015 with light-bicycle RM650BC13 carbon rim
From Canada
Martin Savard : Custom Enduro Bike, full Shimano XT, Fox suspension with LB AM928 asymmetric rim profile carbon fiber mtb 29er wheels. I like LB!!!!
From United States
Stephen Cleeton : Attached is photo of the new rims I recently received - built up on a current race bike (plus my favorite doggie got in the picture ;o) As always – the rims are fantastic. Hope you are well.
From Singapore
Bernard Tan : Just to let you know the 29er carbon rims are awesome! I must say they are nicely craft unlike some carbon rim that I have from China. I have already built up & rode with it, very firm on sharp turn. Here is the picture of my bike & light bicycle rims.
From Singapore
Hypergrace Cimellia : Fixed gear bicycle with Lightbicycle 55mm clincher U-shaped 12k glossy rims and new logo in white. Laced to Mack Hubs with Sapim Cx-ray spokes and internal nipples. Beautiful wheels!
From Switzerland
Andreas Schaad : Thank you Light-Bicycle team! Two beauties are born!! The superlight Flyweight disc rims with Novatec alu/carbon hubs and straightpull sapim cx ray's. At 1196g for front and rear they perform absolutely superb on my cyclocrossbike!!

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