From New Zealand

lance : Hi GuysI am really pleased with the rims. The wide profile gives lots of gr

From Poland

Kolodziej : Bang! These rims are really good after 6 months riding!

From Canada

EN728 : WOW, JUST WOW!!!!!!

From Australia

William : I am very impressed with the build quality and finish.I have attached some

From Spain

Dave : AM 728 650b wheelset with Dt 240 straight pull hubs and Sapim CX Ray, came

From USA

Brian : Running 28mm road tires on the RR36C02, but will run 38mm gravel tires as w

From USA

gregory : Here are the pictures of the wheel build. They ride very nice and smooth fo

From USA

Seth : WM650BC02 with DT Swiss hubs on a 2017 Diamondback Haanjo EXP. The wheels d

From Germany

Thomas : Finally finished the winter upgrade of my Liteville 301 Mk 11. Total weight

From USA

Jonas : The green Evil bike is my current ride and go out as often as I can thrashi

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