Rob Haddock : It took a little while, but have finally built the rims up. They look amazing and the builder was super impressed with the stiffness! Bring on the racing...
From China
Robert Clark : I LOVE these new wheels from Stepping up from my alloy rims, I am riding a full ten percent faster from day one. My bike accelerates way faster now also, and I am generally able to be much more aggressive on it (which is helpful because I commute through Beijing traffic to work ;-) ). These wheels are definitely worth the money, and I will buy from this company again when I am ready to get carbon wheels for my daughters once they are ready to start riding on road bikes. On top of a stellar product, has stellar customer service to match. Lightweight Bicycle's responsiveness to customer concerns is hard to find in any industry.
From France
Vincent Haulet : Have a good day, and thanks a lot for your product which are very strong and I speak a lot of your wheels around me during the race.
Greg Zagar : I'm very excited for this build. The more people that can enjoy it, the better! I still have a lot of incoming parts, and work to assemble. But in the north east United States, it's time for skis! I have nothing but time and excitement for this bicycle project. You are more than welcome to share pictures of the complete project that I will send once finished.
From Brunei
Sonny Iskandar Bin Rasani : The rims were amazing, they preformed perfectly during the Asia Enduro Series in Nepal. I have some friends who are interested and have passed them your info accordingly.
Geny Dean : I have my bike set and running thank you!
Keith at Mom no hands : Thank you for the update. Here is the final build. I been 2 weeks riding with them, so far they look amazing and feel good.. hopefully they will remain nice and strong.
From Czech Republic
Matej Kotlin : wheels are installed and tested on bike :) thank you for cooperation :)

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