From Brunei
Sonny Iskandar Bin Rasani : The rims were amazing, they preformed perfectly during the Asia Enduro Series in Nepal. I have some friends who are interested and have passed them your info accordingly.
From Australia
James : Santa Cruz Blur TRc
From United States
Dan Durller : Yes, very satisfied. And no, I do not mind at all - go for it. Thanks once again, and we’ll see you on down the trail! Dan Durller
From Czech Republic
Matej Kotlin : wheels are installed and tested on bike :) thank you for cooperation :)
From Spain
Remigio Flor : Perfect Thanks
From United States
Stephen Cleeton : Attached is photo of the new rims I recently received - built up on a current race bike (plus my favorite doggie got in the picture ;o) As always – the rims are fantastic. Hope you are well.
From China
Charlie : Great road bike set, deep, light and durable.
From Denmark
Jacob Duus : Nice stickers
From New Zealand
Martin Brown : Cannondale CAADX back from the local wheel builder at Cyco with new Light Bicycle 46mm CX wheels. (Little 'crowns' on the rims are Cyco's emblem. Love them!

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