From United Kingdom

Joe : Photo of the finished product.Joe

From South Africa

Waldo : Hi, My wheelset arrived yesterday and everything came exactly as specified.

From USA

Eric : Hello,I just completed my bike. Please have a look at the photo!

From USA

Steven : I finally got the last prats 2 nights ago and it’s all together and ridin

From Germany

Jonas : Just a thanks for the rims.They are awesome!

From Sweden

Björn : So ive built up these rims after i got them. They look good and my wheelbui

From USA

Luke : Hi,Attached is a picture of the bike with the wheels purchased from your co

From USA

Todd : I had them built up and installed this evening and took them out for a nigh

From USA

Erik : These are the best wheels I have ever ridden. After almost 3000 miles on my

From Australia

Mathew :

From USA

Kenneth : The wheels are beautiful, thank you so much!!

From China

Joseph : 車圈很棒,我試騎的結果很不錯

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