Updated: LB's Bike Hub List 2020

We continue to evolve our hub offering, and for this year we are excited to further our relationship with Industry Nine. Now you can get all of I9’s hubs at both our Global and North American locations.

This is the 2020 version of our bicycle hub list with the most picked colors of every model. Click on the hub photo for more info.

If you do not see your favorite hub brand/color available, please use our web chat or e-mail us to see if our team can help you realize your dream build!

Some Good Videos to Compare:

Industry Nine Hydra vs Torch Hubs

Industry Nine 1/1 vs DT Swiss 350

Industry Nine vs DT Hubs

Industry Nine vs Onyx Hubs

I9 Road vs Mountain Hub

Onyx Vesper Road vs MTB Hubs

Here are some good tools to customize:

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