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Starting LB

Daniel and Nancy had years of experience working for one of the most prominent cycling components manufacturers in China. With a long development cycle and numerous middle-men involved in the process, it was frustrating to see the end consumers suffer. So we set out on our own and founded a carbon rim company with the help of our third founder Daodao, who is a developer and our President.

Our goal was simple - we wanted to build lightweight, durable rims and wheelsets that were more accessible to riders. In order to do this sustainably, we needed to build out our own factory to have complete control over the quality, cost, and processes.

To ensure the best experience for our customers in purchasing, we have merged two websites designed for certain regions. Now we have the one and only official website located at for customers worldwide. The full domain name for our online store is Light Bicycle, which may be referred briefly in forums as LB.

Handmade for You

From our start in 2011, we have identified ourselves as a consumer-friendly brand rather than a “factory”. Factories have the negative connotation of being controlled by other companies and brands outside of the ownership group. That’s NOT us. From the carbon layup, CNC drilling, to building the e-commerce website, engineering and sales, everything is done in-house.

We take the time to customize products that suit our customer’s needs and expectations. From special configurations, custom decals, and quality hub and spoke brands, we offer options to reflect the lifestyles of our customers. We believe that the artisanship of handbuilt rims and wheels will never become outdated.

Always Innovating

As Light Bicycle continues to grow, our rims advance with the acquisition of innovative engineers and skilled layup workers. We are continually testing new ideas and furthering the pursuit of lighter and stronger rims. Along the way many achievements have been made: tubeless compatibility for mountain and road rims, hookless options, bead-lock design, fatbike rims, single-wall construction, asymmetry, and the flyweight series. Nothing is more satisfying than delivering a premium riding experience to our customers.

Our first product was the first-ever Chinese made 29er rims, and we’ve been innovating ever since.

Transparency Is the New Normal

Price transparency. Our weights and prices update as you select the item so you know what you’re getting. Additional costs such as wheel building, warehouse transfer, or payment fees are clearly shown and summarized through our checkout process. In our blogs regarding hubs, spokes, and nipples we build with, you will find our pricing for these individual components. After all, in the digital age, there is nothing to hide, especially the prices.

Production transparency. Once you place an order, we will send you an order number and a link to check the order progress. Every rim brings a unique barcode, and from material preparation to wheel build, we scan the code when one step is finished and the product passes QC check. You are instantly monitoring every step of your new rims.

Worldwide Service

We’ve created a modern e-commerce platform and have a team of web developers that constantly improve our online presence. We ship our rims and wheelsets worldwide. To streamline this experience, we have Chinese and North American locations to better serve our customers. We also offer several communication options including online chat, telephone and email.

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Light Bicycle becomes one of the first companies to produce carbon MTB rims. As a startup, we didn’t have our own factory, so we worked with a few close partners to manufacture rims for us.

We target the 29er mountain bike market. Our R&D team works tirelessly to push the limit of carbon fiber strength. Finally, we produce our first wide MTB rim and keep on innovating.

Our one-piece layup design is created, drastically improving rim strength and durability. The layup is performed by hand and is strategically built up in many layers. Every piece of prepreg is carefully oriented in a pre-formed core with the appropriate overlap.

The air bladder is improved to increase compaction. We have numerous air bladders designed specifically for particular rim shapes, built thinner and of a higher quality than most factories.

We produce one of the first asymmetric carbon MTB rims, which equalizes spoke tension between drive and non-drive spokes, resulting in a stronger wheel build that stays true longer.

We build our own factory with modern amenities, a relaxed but professional work environment, and an in-house chef. We aim to lead the industry by creating high-quality rims in a socially responsible way. The first hookless MTB rims are manufactured under our own roof.

We create our first single-wall fatbike rim with Flyweight technology. By allowing the rim to flex vertically on impact, the design offers a stronger and more comfortable ride experience compared to double-wall rims.

After years of research and development, we launch a completely new product line that allows the rim to come out of the mold as a finished product without the need for post-production finishing. It required a complete revamp of the manufacturing process with new molds and presses, but the final result is a beautifully made product which is our most environmentally friendly product to date.



Cody 2020/04/29

I was going to order the recon pro 29er 35mm inner and onyx vesper hubs and didn’t know how long it’d be to receive them in the United States?

LightBicycle 2020/04/30

Hi Cody, The 29er wheelset with Onyx Vesper hubs can be shipped around 20 days. Does it work for you? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Eric 2020/01/07

I have a older mountain bike with 26 inch rims and v brakes would you be Abel to make rims for me

LightBicycle 2020/01/08

Hi Eric, We can custom make our RM26C02 (25.8mm inner wide, 22mm deep) rim with brake surface, Will it be ok with you? What tire width are you planning on riding these 26 inch mountain rims ? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Will 2019/10/04

Will be getting some rims here shortly. Do you have any pics of the decal colors?

LightBicycle 2019/10/15

Hi Will, Do you like road bike rims or mountain bike rims? Then we can get the decal pictures for your reference. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Tim 2019/09/09

I understand your warehouse is in Abbotsford, BC. Can I pick up wheels directly from there as I live very close?

LightBicycle 2019/09/09

Hi Tim, Yes, you can pick up carbon fiber bike rims/wheels yourself if you are close to our warehouse, pls call our North America warehouse first for further arrangement. +1 (253) 216-2535 Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Gavin 2019/05/09

Hello Is it possible to order a mixed set of wheels for use on road using 28c tyres? I am considering RR36C02 front and RR46C02 rear which will be setup to run tubeless. Hubs: DT Swiss 350 Front Axle: 15 / 100 mm Rear Axle: 12 / 142 mm Freehub Body: Shimano Road 11S Spoke Head: Straight pull Brake System: Center lock Hub Color: Black Front Holes Count: 24H Rear Holes Count: 28H Ratchet: 54T Spoke: Sapim CX Ray Nipple: Aluminium Black Bead type: Hook (I assume this is correct - please confirm) Finish: Matte Weave: UD Decal: No Valve Stem: Add Valve Stem Tubeless Tape: Add Tubeless Tape Brake Pads: None I am split between the USA and UK so can take delivery in either country. Please confirm the costs for each. Can you advise what the likely import duties and taxes will be for each location? Many thanks Gavin

LightBicycle 2019/05/10

Hi Gavin, Both 700C road disc rims you choose (RR46C02 & RR36C02) are TLR (tubeless ready), so it's ok for you to mount tubeless tires on. The recommended tire width range is 23~43c. Your 28c tires would be easy to mount on. We just sent the wheelset price to your email, please check and also we quoted you the TPD tax/VAT included shipping cost to UK. Please check your email. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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