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Introducing Laser Engraved Graphics

We're happy to announce that we've expanded our range of wheel customization to include laser engraved graphics. Here's a look at the all-new laser designs for our Falcon Pro and Recon Pro series.

How Does It Work?

The engraving machine delivers a focused beam of light to trace words, symbols, and patterns onto the surface of our carbon rims creating the new laser engraved graphics.

The laser is carefully calibrated to generate just enough energy to change the light reflection of the resin (re: Paintless rims) on the rim surface. No laser-carbon interaction means no impact to the structural integrity of the rim.

Eco-Friendliness Is Key

We have always been on the hunt for a more sustainable decal solution. The only thing the lasering process consumes is power, allowing us to minimize our carbon footprint. Once engraved, the graphics are permanent so regardless of your riding conditions, there won't be any need to order replacement decals in the future.

See what else we've done to help build a better planet >>


All-New Light Bicycle Laser Graphics

At Light Bicycle it has been a tradition to involve our customers in important decisions when it comes to our product line, and the recent data from Facebook and Instagram polls told us that laser engraved graphics would be an exciting new option for our customers. We greatly appreciate your participation in helping us make improvements to our business!

New Laser Engraving vs Decals

We're currently in the process of replacing waterslide and vinyl decals with our new engraving process at the Global shop. During the first phase, we are only applying laser engraving to Pro series road rims and mountain rims. Changes won't be immediate, so some products will still maintain our traditional decals while others will have laser engraving. Please leave us a note during check out if you don't see the laser option listed online for your order, or if you'd prefer decals instead.

Here is a quick comparison between laser marking and waterslide to help you make an easy choice.

How to Order Custom Graphics?

Our in-house laser engraving machine is ready to add a personal touch to your custom wheelset - simply send us your request and we'll do the rest!


Send in your ideas (images, descriptions, web links, etc.) and we'll get back to you to confirm the graphics request.


Complete the laser engraving process after the carbon rim has been made.


You'll receive pictures to double check the imaging before we ship your wheels out.

Sustainability: Small Efforts Matter

Sustainability has been a global trend and something we've embraced from the very beginning at Light Bicycle. Here are a few ways we're doing our best to reduce our carbon footprint:

1. Environmentally-friendly Manufacturing Process

After years of technological innovations, we managed to upgrade the manufacturing process of our Pro series for higher efficiency and more sustainability in 2018. Our Pro rims require no painting and very little post-production work as the rims out-of-mold are covered with a smooth layer of resin for protection.

2. Green Release Agent

The mold release agents we use are more environment-friendly than those used by many other manufacturers in the industry. They not only ensure a consistent quality of the raw rims, but also reduce our impact on the environment.

3. Consolidated Shipping

We introduced MTS (Multimodal Transport Shipping) service in 2020. With MTS, we are able to consolidate numerous orders into one shipment and ship them to a location for local truck delivery, which saves shipping costs and greatly reduces emissions.

4. Green Packaging

Frameset package - We pack our Journey carbon gravel frames with kraft paper, which is not only incredibly strong but recyclable and biodegradable.

Rim and wheel package - We choose reusable and recyclable non-woven bags to pack our rims and wheels. Packaging bags made of EPE foam are a common choice for most companies. Although recyclable, EPE foam is rarely recycled and usually ends up in landfills.

What do you think about our new laser engraved graphic option? Do you have any suggestions on sustainability for us? Please let us know in the comments or email us (

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