Legendary Industry Nine Performance at a Bargain Price

The Industry Nine 1/1 is the latest hub from the North Carolina company aimed at providing the legendary Industry Nine performance at a more economical price.

Over the years, Industry Nine has built a reputation of having excellent customer support, and offering incredible fast-engaging, durable, and reliable lightweight hubs. But those perks came at a premium price. The 1/1 changes all that. At only $425 USD per hubset, the 1/1 has all the i9 performance we’ve come to love, but at a price point that is in line with that of DT350s.

Hub Weight

Front Weight Rear Weight
6-Bolt 165g 6-Bolt 295g
CL (center lock) 137g CL (center lock) 273g


Despite its bargain price, the 1/1 still offers an impressive 90 points of engagement (4°). To achieve this, the hub uses a dual-phase pawl system and a 45 tooth drive-ring.

Reliability and Durability

The 1/1 may not be the most expensive offering from i9 but is still is built to last for miles and miles. They use well-sealed end caps to keep debris out and high quality sealed cartridge bearings. The 6 pawls inside the freehub are actuated using a sturdy leaf spring.


The hubs are offered in black only, boost 148x12 and 157x12 rear, 110x15 front spacing. The 1/1's come in both 28h and 32h, ISO 6-bolt or Centerlock, and with HG, XD, and Micro Spline Freehub options. At this time, Torque caps are not available.


Now available at our Global and North American location



Derek 2020/05/24

What kind of riding do you all like to do? What are your favorites bikes to ride? Thx.


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