new arrival 12s hubs for microspline


DT Swiss partnered with Shimano and launched a new 12 speed XTR freehub called “Micro Spline”. Micro spline freehubs are required to run the new Shimano M9100 series cassettes.

  • 10-51 12-speed Wide Range
  • 10-45 12-speed Rhythm Step
  • 10-45 11-speed lightweight spec

The traditional Shimano HG freehub is equipped with 13 freehub splines. However, Micro Spline features 23 splines, helping to improve the load distribution.

The Micro Spline freehub is slightly shorter than HG freehub body so it can accommodate a smaller 10t cog. The 10t cog is connected to the 12t cog and positioned outboard of the freehub body.

Orange Industry nine hub with XTR freehub
black  DT SWISS 350 240s hub with XTR freehub

All of our DT Swiss 240 and 350 mountain hubsets are available with the new Micro Spline freehub! Industry Nine hubs are available at our North American location and their Micro Spline freehub will be available at the end of 2018.

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Sram XD-R is an XD style freehub which is 1.8mm wider compared to the original XD freehub. Sram plans to build 12 speed road cassettes so they planned this freehub design out in advance. Mountain bike cassettes (ie. XG-1180, XG-1150) will fit onto XD-R freehubs but will require a 1.8mm spacer.

close look of I9 12 speed XDR freehub

DT SWISS hub with XD-R freehub is not available yet but will come soon. Pls contact us if you want to order! Our North American customers have access to XD-R freehubs through Industry Nine.

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Jerome 2019/01/03

Hello, I am looking for rims for my 26 all mountain bike. Could you please suggest what can be the best option for my riding? Mostly all mountain and a few xc. I have a past in DH so I like to not wasting time when it goes down. ;-) Same question for a bike 27.5", I am hesitating between symmetric or asymmetric rims. Best regards, Jerome

LightBicycle 2019/01/04

Hi Jerome, 1. Would you mind be more specific about yourself so I can make a proper recommendation for you What's the tire width you use? How much you weight? Are you consider yourself an aggressive rider? What feature that you after? Durability? Strength? Rim weight? 2. For asymmetrical rims/wheels, it provides better spoke tension balance between drive-side and non-drive side, will make rims more durable. So we will usually recommend asymmetrical rims for our customer for the better riding performance. Both the RECON & the RECON PRO series offer 27.5" asymmetrical bike rims. The main difference between these two series is the rim product technology applied. RECON PRO series is using our new manufacturing process for production, Use high-class steel molds and advanced process to deliver precise profiling rims Not post painting or finishing required. So the surface is with more visible of Genuine carbon fiber property If you are after advanced rim performance, you can go with the PRO series. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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