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How to Choose Rim Tape For Tubeless Setup

Tubeless Rim Tape Setup

An appropriate tubeless rim tape must adequately cover all spoke holes. Our tubeless rim tape is durable, lightweight, has good adhesion properties and doesn't leave a residue once removed. The tape rolls typically cover 2 rims, or 4 rims if you use one lap each. It is okay to use 1 lap on MTB rims as it is lower pressure.

Recommended tubeless tape widths

Rim Tape Width 1 Layer (Center over holes) 2 Layers (Left/Right)
18mm (Full coverage 17mm rim) 17-23mm 26-30mm
25mm (Full coverage 24mm rim) 24-26mm 35-40mm
31mm (Full coverage 30mm rim) 30-32mm 41-50mm

Rim sizes are internal widths.
For our plus rims with 45mm internal width, use 31mm tape.
For our double-wall Fatbike rims, use 25mm tape in 2 wraps to cover holes.

Application Instructions

1. Ensure the rim is clean and dry. Use Isopropyl alcohol (or similar) to remove any oil or grease from the rim and let it dry completely before attempting to apply the tape.

2. Start 1 to 2 inches (3-5cm) from the valve area, and center over the spoke holes. If you wish to cover the complete center channel, use one lap on the left side, then one lap on the right side.

3. Press the tape down around the valve area, and smooth out any wrinkles before proceeding

4. With one hand, pull the tape out in ~12" increments (30cm) and then press it down with the other hand.

5. Work out air bubbles as you apply by lifting up the tape and then press down firmly with your thumb. You can also use a rag to apply pressure if you prefer.

6. 1 layer of tape is adequate for low pressure rims, use multiple laps for high pressure setups. Ensure the spoke holes are completely covered.

7. Finish by overlapping the valve hole 1 to 2 inches (3-5cm) and then cut the tape. Smooth out the edges with your thumb or a rag or a smooth edge of a plastic lever in order to ensure they are not lifting up.

8. It is best to punch a small hole for the tubeless valve. If you use a knife for this and intend on making a cross, be careful not to make the slits too large as they can expand too easily when you put the valve in. When inserting the valve, twist as you push down. Then tighten the valve down and ensure that the rubber end has mushroomed out in order to create a strong seal against the rim tape.

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