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Precision C21™: Aerodynamics Upgraded

Introducing the groundbreaking Precision C21™ Aero Disc. Featuring featherlight construction, a design focused on responsive handling, and exceptional aero prowess, the C21 is the perfect upgrade for your triathlon/TT bike.

PC-light-bicycle-precision-rear-disc-for-time-trials.jpeg PH-light-bicycle-precision-carbon-disc-wheel-disc-brake-clincher.jpeg PS-Light-Bicycle-Precision-C21-lightweight-carbon-disc-wheel-rear.jpeg MO-Precision-aerodynamic-tt-carbon-disc.jpeg

Razor-Sharp Precision

The carbon disc doesn't just ensure aerodynamic advantages; it also boasts exceptional radial and lateral stiffness. With unified UD fiber direction in the primary carbon layers, the C21™ provides quick and responsive acceleration with every pedal stroke. This translates to snappy performance when you’re putting the power down against the clock.

PC-950g-ultra-light-carbon-disc-wheel.jpeg PH-Light-Bicycle-Precision-disc-wheel-950g.jpeg PS-Super-Light-950g-Full-Carbon-Disc.jpeg MO-lightweight-carbon-disc-wheel-for-time-trial-races.jpeg

Lighter than Tubular Discs

The C21™ uses a sandwich-like construction of foam and carbon that lowers wheel weight to 950g (paintless). This means it’s ~200g lighter on average than many other tubeless disc wheels and even some tubular discs on the market, at a more cost-effective price.

Stability at Speed

In the high-paced arena of time trials and triathlons, speeds often exceed 40 km/h, and precision is absolutely everything. Wobbles or imbalances in the wheel are immediately noticeable and take precious energy from the rider to counteract. To ensure your race experience remains uncompromised, we conduct rigorous dynamic speed balance testing in-house on every Precision C21™ disc wheel, simulating speeds of up to 60 km/h. This means you can trust that every wheel that arrives at your doorstep is ready to perform at the highest level.

PC-Light-Bicycle-precision-disc-wheel-disc-brake-clincher-tubeless.jpeg PH-Light-Bicycle-precision-carbon-full-disc-wheel-valve-cutover.jpeg PS-Light-Bicycle-carbon-tt-aero-disc-wheel-rear-tubeless-ready.jpeg MO-Light-Bicycle-carbon-tubeless-ready-disc-rear.jpeg


01 Tubeless capable

The Precision-C21™ is compatible with both clincher and tubeless tires. The modern 21mm inner width suits tires of 23mm and wider.

02 Valve Spacer

The C21™ is equipped with a specially designed carbon spacer to fit within the valve collar firmly and effortlessly.

03 Valve Hole Cover

The C21™ is also equipped with a valve cover sticker to cover valve cutouts to ensure your wheel is race-ready. The cover is easily removable for tire inflation.

04 Paintless or Piano Black

The Precision C21™ is available in either paintless (no rim coat) or piano black (glossy) finishes. We also offer a selection of custom decals if you’d like to personalize your wheel experience.

PC-Light-Bicycle-Precision-disc-wheel-decal-options.jpeg PH-Light-Bicycle-Precision-aero-disc-wheel-decals.jpeg PS-Light-Bicycle-aero-disc-wheel-decals.jpeg MO-Precision-full-disc-wheel-decal-colors.jpeg

Build Your Wheel

The Precision rear disc wheel is available online. Make your TT or triathlon bike lighter, more responsive and faster today!

Precision C21™

Width: 21 inner/27 outer

Brake: Disc Brake

Tire: Tubeless/Clincher

Weight: 950g (Paintless) / 1000g (Piano Black)

Price: $1500 (Paintless) / $1450 (Piano Black)

Decals: Meadow Mist, Azure Bliss, Sunset Splash, Autumn Ginkgo, Silvery Shadow

Parts: Valve spacer and valve cover

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Oli 2023/10/26

Hi, Do you have information on your track disc wheel options and their cost? Is it possible to have the C21 rear disc with a track hub? Many thanks, Oli

LightBicycle 2023/10/27

Hi Oli, Thanks for your interest! I have sent the quote through email and let's discuss more details there. Light Bicycle


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