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Power Your Ride with Dynamo Wheels

Whether you're a long-distance commuter who forgets to charge their lights, or a bike adventurer who loves escaping into the great outdoors, a dynamo wheel is an excellent solution for you. With a conveniently accessible power bank, worrying about battery levels is a thing of the past.

Let's delve into the world of dynamo technology and make an informed choice for your biking experience!

What is a Dynamo Hub?

A Dynamo Hub is a compact generator integrated into the hub of a bicycle wheel, typically the front hub. Dynamo hubs convert the mechanical energy generated by the rolling wheel into electricity through the electromagnetic effect. Within the hub, magnets rotate around a copper coil, producing an electric current.

The two-prong plug on the drive side of the dynamo hub connects to your gadgets. Since most dynamos produce alternating current (AC), a rectifier (power converter) is required to convert the electricity to direct current (DC), ensuring compatibility with devices sensitive to current fluctuations.

Son-dynamo-hubs.jpeg Shutter-precision-sp-dynamo-hubs.jpeg

The Pros and Cons of Dynamo Hubs

Pros of Dynamo Hubs

1.Constant Power On the Go: Dynamo hubs provide a continuous power source, allowing you to charge lights or other small devices during your rides without the need to stop for battery changes. This convenience ensures you’ll always have power, day in and day out.

2.Weight Savings and Convenience: Say goodbye to carrying spare batteries. Dynamo hubs eliminate the need for frequent stops or waiting around to charge lights, saving you the weight of spare batteries and streamlining your cycling experience.

3.Optimal Lighting Performance: Dynamo lights, often manufactured in Germany, adhere to the StVZO standard for lights. They boast a well designed beam pattern that focuses on your road or trail, avoiding glare for passing drivers or pedestrians.

4.Low Maintenance Design: Dynamo hubs with sealed bearings are engineered for longevity and low maintenance. For example, hubs like the Son hub Dynamo utilize lifetime-lubricated ball bearings, ensuring they remain maintenance-free for thousands of kilometers, providing a hassle-free cycling experience.


Cons of Dynamo hubs

1.Weight Consideration: Dynamo hubs come with a weight penalty. For example, the Son 28 dynamo hub weighs ~440g, nearly five times the weight of a standard road front hub such as the Carbon-Ti SP disc front hub, which weighs 93g. Some lower-end Dynamo hubs may be even heavier.

2.Increased Rolling Resistance: Dynamo hubs introduce added rolling resistance due to the internal magnets and copper coils. While the impact on speed and efficiency is generally minor, it's worth considering if minimizing rolling resistance is a priority for your cycling preferences.


Order Your Handbuilt Wheel with Dynamo Hub

At Light Bicycle, we’re happy to offer single wheel builds with Dynamo hubs . As Dynamo options are less common, they will not appear as an option in our product builders, but please email us ( or reach out via our live chat to get your order started!

SON Hub Dynamo

The SONdelux and SON 28 stand out as the most popular Dynamo hub choices at Light Bicycle. Son hubs feature an optimized magnetic system (smaller and lighter) which reduces the rolling resistance vs other options on the market. The SON 28 promises high power output at slow riding speeds, while the SONdelux increases the power output as your speed increases.


Shutter Precision (SP)

The SP Dynamo is another popular option that is more budget-friendly. Reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance, the Shutter Precision is a great option for many riders.


Dynamo hubs usually require nipple holes to be drilled at a special angle, and we’re happy to offer free drilling customization with all of our rims.

Other Hub Brands We Partner With

At Light Bicycle, we offer numerous hub options (Classified Powershift, Industry Nine, White Industries, Onyx, etc), view our full hub list for more information now.



Melvin 2024/01/03

Can you build an AR375 32 brass spoke to Son 28 boost hub? Thanks

LightBicycle 2024/01/03

Hi, Thank you for reaching out! we have sent you an email to discuss more details regarding the quote. Please check it. BR, Light Bicycle


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