What Is Falcon Pro All About?

It is about making road rims that stand the test of time via a more eco-friendly manufacturing process. Two years ago, this ambitious project kicked off. We streamlined the production line from the very first step: material preparation. Thinner and lighter material allows us to form more layers - rim strength is boosted without weight penalty.

Falcon Pro rims come out of the mold as a finished product, and we named this paintless innovation “BlackTek”. No post-production work is required as the out-of-mold finish is smooth and tough. With the naked eye, you can see through the raw finish to the UD fibers beneath. Every Falcon Pro rim has a special fiber pattern which delivers your wheels a unique look.

The Features

  • 20% Stronger
  • More Impact Resistant
  • Highly Scratch-Resistant
  • More Environmentally Friendly
  • Optional Lifetime Warranty
  • Paintless Finish
  • All Road Use
  • Optional lightweight “Flyweight” model available

Pro Technologies

What makes Falcon Pro pro?


Black Tek


Irregular Profile Cutting


Stepwise Cross-Link


Thinner Laminates Orientation-Optimized


Smooth Wall Technology


Aviation Class CNC Drills

BKT-Black-Tek-paintless-carbon-rims.png BKT

Black Tek

Rims featuring BlackTek come out of the molds as a finished product. The factory finish preserves the outer layer of resin and the carbon is never disturbed after the curing cycle is completed. This is the hardest wearing finish we have ever produced.

IPC-irregular-profile-digital-cutting-machine.png IPC

Irregular Profile Cutting

To ensure the strips of prepreg fit the curves of rims, we carefully stretch the material in length or width to achieve an optimal fit without harming the consistency of the UD fibers (too much force will create a weak point on the rim). For some complex shapes, we have an automated cutting process where the material is cut with the curves, grooves, and hooks of a certain rim model in mind. The results? Fiber layup can be done with more accuracy and efficiency, and the product comes with increased overall strength.

SCL- Stepwise-Cross-Link.png SCL

Stepwise Cross-Link

Traditionally, several laminates are piled with the edges aligning to form a layer, with a layer applied across the mold end to end, forming one overlap point per layer. The overlapping area is a bit thicker and heavier than the rest, which could leave the rim unbalanced. We stagger the seams so they never directly overlap another seam. The edges are stepped, or overlapped by 2mm and are unnoticeable once the rim is complete.

TLO-Thinner-Laminates-Orientation-Optimized.png TLO

Thinner Laminates Orientation-Optimized

We use thinner and lighter materials that allow us to form more laminates per layer, achieving stronger cross-linking reactions. Every laminate is ultra-thin, and the extremely smooth unidirectional (UD) plies create a mechanical performance gain. The thinner material is usually twice as expensive. There are more square meters used in each rim, and the layup takes much longer. The advantage is weight reduction and the ability to fine-tune the characteristics of the rim without sacrificing strength or stiffness.

SWT-Smooth-Wall-Technology.png SWT

Smooth Wall Technology

We’ve developed a special air bladder material that follows the inner contours of our rims. Coupled with our three-dimensionally shaped air duct, the inner wall of the rim is smoother, lighter, and without wrinkles. The bladder is removed through the valve hole so no patching is required.

ACD-Aviation-Class-CNC-Drills.png ACD

Aviation Class CNC Drills

No tear out! Our Pro rims are drilled with aviation-grade CNC machines specifically designed for drilling through advanced composites. The bits have a unique cutting edge that make extremely clean holes. Each hole is inspected to ensure they are free of burrs. The drilling speed and temperature are adjusted as the bit wears, and the bit is inspected after every 60 holes. Competitors use more common high-speed bits which heat the holes and often leave scorch marks. It is not uncommon to see some delamination in other carbon rims due to their inferior drilling process.



Whether you‘re tough on wheels or have never cracked a rim, our new warranty gives you the opportunity to get the coverage you need and avoid overpaying for what you don’t want. Our Falcon Pro line of rims come standard with our Pro 5-year Warranty against manufacturer's defects and, for the first time ever, with the option to upgrade this standard warranty to our Premium Lifetime Warranty.

lifetime warranty
5 years warranty


5-year or an optional lifetime warranty from the date of purchase.

Model External Width Depth Discipline Weight (+/-15g) Price (each) Explore
AR35 28mm 35mm Road/CX/Gravel Standard 410g
Flyweight 350g
Standard $239
Flyweight $251
Section View
AR45 28mm 45mm Road/CX/Gravel Standard 460g
Flyweight 380g
Standard $249
Flyweight $261
Section View
WR38 32mm 38mm Road/CX/Gravel Standard 440g
Flyweight 385g
Standard $239
Flyweight $251
Section View Section View
WR50 32mm 50mm Road/CX/Gravel Standard 470g
Flyweight 410g
Standard $259
Flyweight $271
Section View Section View