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Floating On the XC Trails

Rider Profile


Name : Stanimir

Origin : Bulgaria

Information : Height 170cm, weight 75kg. Beroe Cycling Club. My favorite discipline is cross country. I am racing in 5-7 competitions per year and I finish among the top 10%. My training is between 30-100 km with 1000-1500m of ascent.



Frameset : Mondraker Podium

Fork : RockShox SID

Groupset : Sram X01 AXS

Brakes : Magura MT8


Rims : Light Bicycle XC924 paintless UD with access holes

Hubs : DT Swiss 240 EXP 15/110mm 12/148mm boost straightpull 6-bolt 28/28H Sram XD

Spokes : Sapim D-Light

Nipples : Sapim aluminum black

I’ve been putting off the upgrade of my mountain horse… that time has finally come.

I would like to share with you my impressions of the Light Bicycle wheelset. I've been putting off the upgrade of my "mountain horse" for a long time. That time has finally come, and honestly, I was wrong to put it off for so long. I found out about the brand Light Bicycle from a friend of mine who bought two sets of lightweight carbon wheels from them. The website is very easy to use and conveniently calculates the price and weight of the components for accurate wheelset information. Support responds very quickly within a day to my questions, which is excellent customer service. I decided to buy the new light cross-country model XC924 (as it is the lightest XC rim from Light Bicycle) with DT Swiss 240 hubs and Sapim D-light spokes. The wheelset is an ultra-light high-speed cross country weapon, weighing just 1164g (540g front and 624g rear).


The quality exceeded my expectations.

The tires are easy to mount and a tubeless pump is not needed to inflate them. The wheelset is professionally made and uniquely beautiful. Once I installed it on my bike, it became so light at just 8850g. Of course, the new set of top wheels needs new tires. With my bike, weight is important. I chose the Vittoria Barzo 2,25 which is my favorite tire size. The tire weighs 650g and I think this weight is optimal in terms of strength. I have ridden with lighter tires but they are weak and easy to cut, and they don't last long. The other improvement I have made in my "mountain horse" is that I have gone to an electronic shifting system with SRAM X01 Eagle AXS - here the gear shifting is incredibly accurate and lightning fast. Despite the batteries and motor, the weight didn't go up because of the lack of stinger shifting cable, shifting hose, or cables.


The smile doesn't leave my face when I ride my bike.

After my first ride, many personal records fell down, especially in the climb segments. The smile doesn't leave my face when I ride my bike and I wish others to experience what I experience when riding. I can't wait to ride my bike again and again.

My first impression was that I felt like I had no wheels under me, but was floating in the air! Very soft ride, with excellent vibration absorption.

I love cross-country discipline because it is the most popular mountain biking and also the least extreme among the other riding forms. It needs fast thinking and technical handling skills on single tracks. I am racing in 5-7 competitions per year and I finish among the top 10% of best racers. Cross-country bikes are built for climbing and quick handling. My training is between 30 - 100 km with 1000 - 1500 m ascent. My XC924 wheels were the last tuning that my bike needed and I'm setting myself up for a much better racing season. I wish myself more time to enjoy my bike and trouble-free training.



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