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Full Custom - Designed by You

We at Light Bicycle are proud to share our Full Custom service with you. Bringing product customization to a new level, our team is here to help you build a truly unique product. Here is an overview of how our different shopping experiences work.

A Quick Compare

Shopping Style Quick Buy >> Curated >> Full Custom >>  
A Brief Intro Parts in stock, ready for assembly/shipment Collection of our most popular options Designed by you, made to order
Lead Time 3 days typical Approximately 3-5 weeks Approximately 4-6 weeks
Warehouse Global & European Global & North American Global only
Price Category Least Expensive Standard Customization Fee

Curated: Collection of our most popular options

Our website offers a wide array of options. For wheelsets, choose your favourite hub brand and model, pick your colours, nipples, and spoke type. Many of our rims from the Global location have options available within the curated collection, while our warehouses will stock the most popular finishes. There may be a default graphic, but coloured options are available.


Full Custom

The bike industry likes to advertise “Custom” or “Custom Made”. This typically means the product is somewhat unique, but there are no actual options available to choose from. Others offer a custom service, which is predominantly an exercise in choosing from various colour options. Seems a bit lackluster doesn’t it?

With Light Bicycle you can get a Full Custom service which goes well beyond choosing your hole count and graphics. The level of customization varies per rim type, but in general, we offer these customizable features:

  • Fibre type (external layer)
  • Hole count, unique spacing, drilling angles, offset
  • Drain holes
  • Eliminate spoke access holes, tubeless without tape
  • Internal nipple drilling
  • Schrader instead of presta valve
  • Rim finish
  • Weight
  • Tubular, hookless, clincher bead
  • Some rims can have their internal width changed
  • Ride characteristics - Choose from different pre-approved layup designs

While some brands are able to offer customizable rims, Light Bicycle has a distinct advantage. With direct control over the workshop from Engineering to Quality Control, we produce carbon products at a more affordable price. No Minimum Order Quantity.

How to order Full Custom?

We’ve added a “Full Custom” button beside the product options. Please note that this is only available if you select the Global location. You can leave your special instructions in the notes section at checkout. If you forget to add a note, a team member will contact you to finalize your order.

carbon-wheels-uci-approval.jpeg MO-Full-Custom-Options.jpeg

Email our team at to discuss your Full Custom order before checking out online, or submit your customization needs via the forms below.

Get more information and inspiration from the links below:

Follow Along: Check back for order updates

After placing your order, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to check your order status. If you’d like to get pictures of your order prior to shipping, please reply to this email and let us know.


Leave a comment below if you have any questions about the Full Custom service. Contact us ( if you need any assistance in the purchase.



Oscar 2023/10/05

I would like to build the following: Road bike, carbon wheel, about 50mm deep, disc brakes center lock, tubular tires. Can you do something like that? Thanks.

LightBicycle 2023/10/05

Hi Oscar, Thanks for reaching out! I have sent a quote with more details to you through the email. Please check it. Best regards, Nicole Ni


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Mckenzie 2023/02/21

If and aero rim is about 450g how light can I get it with flyweight or ultra light option? is that possible with an aero rim? also what would the added cost be

LightBicycle 2023/02/23

Hi Mckenzie, Thanks for your inquiry! Which road aero bike rim do you like? Then i can check on the weight for your check. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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