New mtb project for carbon 26er downhill DH bike rims tubeless

MTB 26er downhill DH bike carbon rims tubeless

After around one year experience on 26er DH rims manufacturing and customers’ ride testing, we design below new carbon 26” mtb downhill rims. It will be our strongest and the most durable carbon mountain rims for downhill/freeride/Enduro bikes.

Rim Size: 26-inch/26er mountain bike

Rim Construction: Tubeless, Carbon fiber

Rim Depth: 32mm

Width: External: 38 mm, Internal: 31 mm

Rim weight: 420g+/-15 for All mountain; 480g+/-15 for Downhill

Below is the advantage of this carbon 26er mountain Downhill bike rims

*Widest, tallest profile and stiffness, strongest: 38mm width and 32mm depth strongly improves 26” dh wheels’ rding performance. Also the carbon fiber construction makes this 26-in-wheel with excellent stiffness, impact resistance, tracking and cornering performance.

*bead-less& tubeless:bead hookless rim wall is more smooth and straight, the tire will touch rim walls fully and mounted perfectly, allowing to run lower tire pressure without risk of air loss or pinch flats.
bead hookless carbon rim walls is not only provides better tubeless seal, also it is more durable and much stronger than original 26er carbon rim hook design.

*Bead lock: the small ridges on either side of the drop channel.
Some riders concerns the transition to bead hookless rim profiles will cause tyres blowing off or an increased likelihood of burping air from tubeless tyres. So we add bead lock ridges to make them with any fear and ride confidently.

*New process: now all mtb rims are manufactured by using our new manufacturing process.Learn more about the new manufacture process for mtb rims.

*Terrain: downhill/freeride/Enduro

It is the best 26er carbon rim for Downhill mountain biking wheels.
We have started this manufacturing of this DH carbon wheels rim mold. It will be ready for sale around 2014 September 10th . Pre-order is accepted from now on!

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Andrea 2014/09/23

Hi Is it possibile to have the 650b version for dh? THANKS so much Andrea

Light-Bicycle 2014/09/24

Hello Andrea, Thanks for your inquiry. If you ride 650B DH, then I recommend you the 35mm wide 650B hookless rim. This rim is specially designed for DH. The rim is USD183/pcs and the weight is 450 /-15g for a single rim. Please find the attached cross-section drawing of the rim. Is it OK for you? For the rims, do you prefer UD, 3k or 12k? Matte or glossy? 32H? Thanks, Light-bicycle


tigerkai 2014/10/04

Will you guys have this in near future for 650b? The 35mm that you recommended, the depth is too shallow.

Light-Bicycle 2014/10/09

Hello sir, Thanks for your inquiry. We might manufacture the deeper 650B DH rim in the future. But it's hard to tell you the time frame of availability. You might take the 35mm wide & 25mm depth rim into your consideration first. Please find the attached cross-section drawing of the rim. Thanks, Light-bicycle


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