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Laser Etched Graphics: Precise Customization for Pro Series Wheels

Whether you’re looking to make a bold statement or add a hint of personalization to your custom rims, our laser-etched custom graphic program will deliver stunning results.

How Does Laser Etching Work?

The process is simple: a pulsed laser beam strikes the target with bursts of energy, and the energy created etches on the micro resin surface to create the desired image or markings.

Why Choose Laser Etching

- It produces durable, permanent marks - no touch-ups needed!

- Laser etching is fast: even intricate designs take only seconds.

- The light grey etched color gives a subtle, premium look.

- The process produces no waste and requires little resources.

If You Can Dream It, We Can Etch It!

Laser etching technology shines in its efficiency and precision, particularly for intricate and finely detailed graphics. Here are some popular graphic ideas from our riders to spark your creativity.

01 Commemorate what’s most special to you

Whether it's your pets, favourite cartoon characters, constellation marks or any other special symbol, etch them onto the wheels so they’re right along with you on every ride.

02 A handwritten signature

Personalise your wheels by "signing" them. Send us an image of the handwritten signature, like this rider, who requested the cute handwritten signature of his daughter to be laser-etched.


03 Engrave a motto

Showcase your personality with a short sentence or phrase. Whether it’s a training mantra, life motto, favourite lyrics, or a quote from a poem, the options are limitless.


04 Application ideas for bike shop owners/OEM clients

From matrix codes, and barcodes, to serial numbers, and model names, laser-etched graphics can serve inventory management, brand recognition, and more.

The Custom Graphic Process

Customizing is simple, following three steps:

01 Describe your customization needs.

Choose the "Full Custom (Laser only)" option when selecting the Decal option, and our sales team will contact you via email to discuss the concept for your graphics.

02 Confirm the design.

Our graphic designer will mock-up your chosen design, considering graphic size, position, etc. with your chosen rim profile. Once we develop a final design you’re happy with, the etching begins!

03 Laser execution.

Our laser expert adjusts the parameters of the laser machine to accommodate your unique design. For complex graphics, a sample etching will be done.

What else would you like to know about laser etching? Let us know in the comments below!

More About Full-Custom Service

Whether you're building a complete wheelset or need tailor-made rims for a DIY project, we've got you covered. We're taking the concept of 'custom' to the next level by going above and beyond simple color options to offer deep customization, from rims to spokes. Let’s learn more about other customization options.

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If you have specific customization needs, feel free to email us at We'll get back to you promptly.

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