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Light Bicycle Wheelsets - Now Featuring Berd Spokes!

Berd-PolyLight-spokes-black.jpeg MO-Berd-PolyLight-spokes-black1.jpeg

Berd spokes are constructed from an advanced polymer material and are widely considered to be the lightest bicycle spoke option in the world. With that in mind, we are excited to add Berd spokes to the Light Bicycle Custom Wheel Catalog. If you’re on the hunt for an ultra-light performance-oriented wheelset, Berd spokes might be for you!

Berd Spokes: What Makes Them So Special?

Polymer material - Berd PolyLight spokes are constructed from an advanced polymer called ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE). Compared to stainless steel spokes, Berd states that their polymer spokes have a competitive advantage in vibration damping, strength-to-weight ratio, and impact and fatigue resistance. The PolyLight spoke weighs only 2.5g a piece, so riders can drop around 200g of wheel weight by choosing Berd spokes for their custom build.

Berd-polymer-spoke-specs.jpeg MO-Berd-polymer-spoke-specs.jpeg

Wheel building - The rope-like spokes are designed with a loop at the hub end and standard 14 gauge threads at the nipple end. The lacing process is different from standard spokes as the loop must be inserted through the hub spoke hole, where it’s then fixed with a spoke rod. J-bend hubs require special treatment before building to avoid premature spoke fraying. The proprietary tools needed to re-tension and build Berd wheels are available for purchase directly from Berd, but we also have packages available at Light Bicycle. A typical Berd build takes 1-2 weeks as the fabric spokes require time to “bed in” and be brought to optimal tension.

Berd-builder-tools.jpeg MO-Berd-builder-tools.jpeg
Berd-spoke-replacement-tools.jpeg MO-Berd-spoke-replacement-tools.jpeg

Berd Spokes - FAQs

  • 1. What riding discipline are Berd spokes for?

    Berd spokes can be used for a wide variety of disciplines, but we feel they are best suited for performance-oriented CX, Gravel, and XC/Trail bike wheels. The ride quality of the polymer spokes is a bit more compliant than some steel spokes, so steel spokes may still be a better choice for road riders who value high stiffness and precise handling above weight.

  • 2. Do Berd spokes come with a warranty?

    Berd offers a 5-year warranty on their PolyLight spokes to be free from defects in material and workmanship, from the date of purchase. The final decision of whether the product is defective will be made by Berd. Please note that the warranty does NOT cover damages resulting from improper use, neglect, misuse, or alteration of the spokes.

  • 3. Do Berd spokes have a weight limit?

    Technically speaking, there is no weight limit on Berd spokes. If you’re a heavier rider or are looking for a bikepacking setup with a load of gear, you’ll want to choose a heavy-duty rim for added support.

  • 4. Are colored Berd spokes available?

    We currently stock black and white Berd spokes. No further colour options are available, but coloring kits (applicable for white spokes only) can be purchased directly from Berd. Unbuilding your wheels is not required to paint the spokes.

  • 5. How to clean the spokes?

    We recommend using warm water with dish soap and a lint free rag. Do not use pressurized water directly on the spokes.

  • 6. Can steel spokes be used as a replacement?

    In the event that a Berd spoke is broken when riding, finish your ride gently before replacing the spoke – don’t try to replace it on the trail. It’s best to replace the broken spoke with a Berd spoke rather than steel as the two spokes have very different performance qualities, which may put undue stress on the rim.

  • 7. How do you modify the hubs?

    Straight pull hubs typically do not need to be modified as a special insert is used during the building process which prevents abrasion and spoke fraying. On J-bend hubs, spoke holes need to be modified carefully with special tools so that they’re rounded out and smooth against the polymer surface. It’s important to note that hub manufacturers are unlikely to recommend using steel spokes after hub modifications are complete, so if you’re building up hubs with Berd spokes, they will need to be used for the lifetime of the hub. In many cases, the use of Berd spokes will also void the hub shell warranty on J-bend hubs.

  • 8. Is my hub warranty void?

    When hub shells are modified, the hub shell warranty is void but warranties on hub internals will be intact. We modify all J-bend hub shells for Berd, however, we do not modify straight pull.

Build Your Berd Wheelset Now!

Berd spokes are now available for some of our most popular light all-mountain and gravel wheels! Head to the product page via the cards below and configure your Berd spoked wheels with the online wheelset configurator. If you’re interested in having Berd spokes built with another rim offering, please reach out to us and we can get an order started. Please note that the Berd spoke option is EXCLUSIVE to our North American shop at this time.

XC & All-Mountain

XC924 carbon xc wheelset lightweight 29er asymmetric

XC924-29.2mm wide-25mm deep

USD : 829+Standard 1074g+/-25

Hand-built XC925 asymmetric rim profile carbon fiber mtb 29er wheels

XC925-30mm wide-23mm deep

USD : 805+Standard 1155g+/-25

Hand-built AM930S wavy asymmetric S-Flow rim profile carbon fiber mtb 29er wheels

AM930S-37mm wide-21mm deep

USD : 874+Standard 1501g+/-25

XC & All-Mountain

Road & CX & Gravel

700C tubeless bicycle wheels 32mm wide 40mm deep clincher for cyclocross road and gravel bikes

WR40 DISC-32mm wide-40mm deep

USD : 804+Standard 1313g+/-25

700C tubeless bicycle wheels 28mm wide 46.5mm deep clincher for cyclocross road and gravel bikes

AR465 DISC-28mm wide-46.5mm deep

USD : 824+Standard 1306.4g+/-25

AM930 - All Mountain, 29er

Are you interested in trying Berd spokes? Let us know in the comments! If you have any questions, please ask. Stay tuned for more information on the building and maintenance of Berd wheels.



MORGAN 2022/10/25

Yes please Berd spokes!

LightBicycle 2022/10/26

Hi Morgan, Are you interested in building a Light Bicycle wheelset with BERD spokes yourself? Or if you want to learn more about this option. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Randall 2022/12/05

I am interested in a road wheelset built with Berd spokes, but you website will not let me choose Berd spokes!!!!!

LightBicycle 2022/12/05

Hi Randall, Yes, it is okay to build wheelset with Berd spokes. You can list the wheelset mountain bike here, we can quote accordingly for you. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Ryan 2022/12/24

Price qoute for: RSNOW05 rims Industry nine Fat Hubs (15 X 150 and 12 X 197) 32 spokes Berd Spokes Thank you

LightBicycle 2022/12/26

Hi Ryan, Yes, we can build RSNOW05 fatbike wheelset with Berd spokes for you. Please check your email for the quotation. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Oliver 2023/02/08

Where in the configurator can you choose these Berd spokes? I would like to simulate the weight for a gravel wheelset

LightBicycle 2023/02/09

Hi Oliver, Which gravel wheelset model are you interested in? We can quote it with Berd spokes for your reference. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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