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Introducing Our First-Ever 36 Inch Carbon Rims

A durable yet lightweight 36” carbon rim: the Unicus-36 is our newest innovation! Typically requested by unicyclists and riders surpassing 190cm in height, the Unicus promises a premium wheel experience for more riding disciplines than ever before.

Why Choose 36er Wheels?

Enchanced roll-over capability. Compared to smaller wheel diameters, 36” wheels boast superior roll-over performance, thanks to their smaller attack angle when encountering obstacles. In addition, the larger contact patch of 36er wheels ensures better traction, promising an upgrade in comfort, stability, and all-terrain passability.

Ideal for tall riders.Taller cyclists can finally enjoy the Light Bicycle custom wheel experience! The Unicus-36 stands out as the ultimate wheel solution tailored specifically for 36er bikes like Truebikes, Blacksheep, and Tractor bicycles.

Preferred standard for unicycling. Because this diameter offers a blend of efficiency, stability, and versatility, the 36er has become a popular standard for touring and commuting among medium to long-distance unicycling enthusiasts.

PH-wheel-size-comparison.jpeg PC-wheel-size-comparison.jpeg

A Lightweight Carbon Layup

Large bicycles and unicycles often roll with a high rotational mass, resulting in slower acceleration. The current available wheel options in the market are often limited, with many constructed from heavy aluminum. At Light Bicycle, we're committed to optimizing the riding experience by improving the strength-to-weight ratio of our products.

Through extensive refinement of the rim layup schedule, we've successfully reduced the rim weight to just 580g, while ensuring it passes a rigorous 90J impact test. This 580g layup schedule is designed to accommodate riders weighing up to 90kg. For those seeking even lighter options or reinforced versions, we're happy to accommodate your needs. Simply reach out to us, and we'll assist you with your custom order!

PH-unicus-36-rim-weight-measured.jpeg PC-unicus-36-rim-weight-measured

Perfect Tire Retention

Given that clincher tires are the prevailing standard in the unicycling community, we've introduced the Unicus-36 rim exclusively in a traditional hook style. During in-house testing, we conducted a careful assessment by fitting the Nightrider 2.25” tire, one of the most popular unicycle tires, onto the Unicus-36 rim at 65psi for 24 hours.

PH-Unicus-36-carbon-rim-clincher.jpeg PC-Unicus-36-carbon-rim-clincher.jpeg

Optimized for Unicycle Hubs

The Unicus-36 rim boasts special drilling angles for nipple holes on the left and right sides, tailored to accommodate popular unicycle hubs like the Nimbus Unicycle 125mm hub and the Schlumpf geared hub. If you intend to pair the rim with a different hub, our team of engineers can easily tailor the drilling angle to your specific requirements. Just let us know what you’d like to build, and we'll ensure your wheel setup is optimized for peak performance and longevity.

PH-Unicus-36-inch-rim-hole-drilling.jpeg PC-Unicus-36-inch-rim-hole-drilling.jpeg

How to Order?

Presently, the Unicus-36 is available as a rim-only option, allowing riders to utilize their existing hub and spokes for a seamless wheel upgrade. To configure the rim according to your preferences, simply visit the product page. However, if you want to send in your hub for a build at Light Bicycle, don't hesitate to reach out to us by leaving a comment or sending us an email. We're here to accommodate your needs and ensure you receive the perfect setup for your cycling adventures.

Rim Specs

Model: Unicus

Size: 36er

Widths: 28/35.2mm

Depth: 28mm

Offset: 2mm

Weight: 580g

ERD: 755mm

Hole Drilling: 7.4°/5.3°

Application: Unicycle Touring/Commuting, 36er Bicycles

Buy Now

PH-Unicus-36-inch-unicycle-carbon-rim.jpeg PC-Unicus-36-inch-unicycle-carbon-rim.jpeg

Is the 36er your ride of choice? Share your thoughts in the comments below and let us know if you're interested in any customizations. We're here to tailor your cycling experience to perfection!



Felix 2024/05/25

Thank you so much for listening to the needs of unicyclists and building a rim that addresses all the points we need. From first to last the process of discussing the rim’s design and later-stage set up options to work with my Schlumpf hub has been flawless. Then to see how this is presented online is outstanding. Not only am I excited to see my now shipped rim in real life - but I feel you’ve gone a long way to raising the profile of 36er unicycling. ❤️⚙️


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Maxence 2024/05/23

We've been in touch since late 2022, talking about a 36er rim. It's amazing that it's now made in production! Thanks so much for your dedicated work


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