700C disc bike wheels 27mm wide 24mm deep clincher for cyclocross road and gravel bikes

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All wheels are 100% customizable at Light Bicycle. If your preferred specs are not listed, feel free to contact us (sales@lightbicycle.com) with your special requirements described.


Our Pro series comes with a 5-year warranty (lifetime optional), while the non-pro with a 3-year warranty and crash replacement.

  • Rim Model AR24 disc
  • Size 700C
  • Series FALCON
  • Use Gravel
  • Type Hookless Clincher
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width 22mm/27mm
  • Depth 24mm
  • ERD 593mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight Flyweight 280+/-15g, Standard 360+/-15g
  • Offset 0mm (symmetric)
  • Weight Limit (on flat ground) Flyweight 90kg, Standard 100kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle ±5°
  • Spoke Tension 115 ~ 130kgf front, 120 ~130kgf rear
  • Tire Pressure (with 28C) 50psi max
  • Tire 28C~50C recommended

Read more for TL tire pressure charts

Read more for actual road tire width


We keep in stock the most popular axle sizes and colors of some well-liked hub models. If you want a special order, feel free to contact us (sales@lightbicycle.com).

  • Model DT SWISS 180, DT SWISS 240 EXP, DT SWISS 350, Industry Nine 1/1, Chris King R45D, Novatec D411SB / D412SB, Industry Nine Torch, Carbon-Ti X-Hub
  • Front Axle Size 12 / 100mm, 15 / 100mm, QR / 100mm
  • Rear Axle Size 12 / 142mm, QR / 135mm
  • Driver Body Shimano Road 11S, Shimano Road 11S Alloy, Sram XDR Alloy, Sram XDR
  • Hole 24H, 28H


Leave a note at checkout or contact us if you want spare spokes or nipples.

  • Spokes Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420, Sapim CX Ray, Sapim CX Sprint-Rear drive side/ CX Ray-Other sides
  • Nipples Aluminium Black, Aluminium Red, Brass Black


The Flyweight rim targeted specifically towards racers who seek every possible edge on the race course. Our goal was to produce the lightest possible rim without sacrificing performance.

Drawing on our engineers’ years of experience and countless revisions in each step of the manufacturing process, we are able to produce a strong and stiff gravel rim while dramatically reducing the weight.

Construction: We used a special uni-directional pre-preg with a very low fiber areal weight. This is an exclusive process to our Flyweight rims. To further reduce the weight we used a blend of Toray T700 and T800 specific layups. We opted for a new subtle ultralight waterslide graphic in glossy black with a matte finish overtop in the spirit of keeping these as funny cyclocross cross riding oriented rims.

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For Non-Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 3-year Standard Warranty.

For Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 5-year Pro Warranty as standard and an upgraded optional lifetime Premium Warranty with minimum charge.

Crash Replacement: It is applicable with the same period as the warranty time range that you purchased for the rims with 10% /25% discount for Non-Pro series /Pro series.

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Bjarne: My wheels arrived Yesterday, and I have now completed my build. Wuhuuu The LB wheels really complete this build.
Light: Rims: AR24 disc (RM29C06d) Flyweight UD Satin 24/24H Tubeless Hubs: Carbon-Ti X-Hub 12/100mm 6-bolt Straight pull Black Carbon-Ti X-Hub 12 /142mm Straight pull 6-bolt Sram XDR 56T Black Spokes: Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420 Black Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black External Decals: Stealth (Grey) Weight: 1097.48 grams
Light: Rims: AR24 (RM29C06d) 24/24H satin UD hookless tubeless ready Flyweight Hubs: Carbon-Ti X-Hub 12 / 100mm straight pull Center lock Black Carbon-Ti X-Hub 12 / 142mm Sram XDR straight pull Center lock Black 56T Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black J-bend Nipples: DT Swiss Aluminium Black external Weight: 1087.28 grams
Light Bicycle: Rims: RM29C06 matte ud 32/32h Hubs: Hope Pro4 Boost blue/red Spokes: Sapim D-Light Nipples: Sapim aluminum blue/red
Saad: Finally got my wheels in and went on a 40-mile gravel ride which I always get dropped on with my 650b wheels with the 2.35” mtb tires that the Open Wide comes with as well as tried 42mm wtb resolute. This wheelset with 45mm WTB riddlers saved me a couple lbs but this has been the first ride where I was leading the pack on both flats and climbs. I’m amazed and would highly recommend getting a set of these ultralight wheels.
United States
Light Bicycle: RM29C06 Flyweight glossy UD 28H external hole RM29C06 Flyweight glossy UD 28H external hole HUB-F DT SWISS 240S 15 / 110mm BOOST J-bend 6-bolt Black 28H NBK HUB-R DT SWISS 240S 12 / 148mm BOOST Sram XD J-bend 6-bolt Black 28H 54T NBK SPOKE Sapim CX Ray Black straight pull uncertain NIPPLE Sapim Aluminium Red Polyax Secure Lock External



Jean 2020/07/01

Hi , looking for Your most comfortable And light carbon Préférable clincher Wheel set for my road bike with rim brakes . I like climbing and fast rides. What do you suggest .

LightBicycle 2020/07/01

Hi Jean, Could you kindly answer a few questions for me before I make any recommendations for you? 1. What's your weight? 2. What tire are you plan to run? 3. Is there any chance that you will run with high pressure? over 80psi? rim brake or disc? 4. Do you have an ideal estimated weight range for the wheelset 700C? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Sean 2020/05/22

Hey I like this picture of the team in the comments section. Would you care to match names to the photo? Then we could "know" you a bit better. Great products, go team!

LightBicycle 2020/05/23

Hi Sean, We are intended to update our team photos because our team grows over the past year. We add some new members to the sales team. But we've been very busy because of the huge increase in orders coming in the past few months. We also intended to update our team member page next. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Valtteri 2020/04/23

Hello! I'm looking for something truly light, as I'm giving my bike a diet to lose weight and I'd like to gain more performance out of my riding. I ride on gravel and tarmac, and occasional steep hills. So something fast but also comfortable on longer rides. Out of curiosity, how would wheels like the AR24 disc, as they seem to be your lightest, handle on long mixed road rides? I am not looking to race them. I'm also interested in the AR28 and WR35 disc models. How would these compare?

LightBicycle 2020/04/24

Hi Valtteri, 1. Yes, AR24 is the lightest rim we have. In fact, it's one of our oldest model (on the market for many years now). It was intended to design for XC riding (MTB model RM29C06) at the time. But as the disc road bike industry changes, road rims become wider and wider nowadays. Some of our customers use this XC rim as gravel rim. The reason why we put AR24 under the gravel category recently is that people always ask for lighter road rims. That been said, the AR24 only available in the hookless bead version, so you cannot run high pressure with it. 2. AR28 gravel bike rim(22mm internal, 29mm outer width, 28mm depth) on the other hand, was a specific design for gravel riding. You might notice that AR28 is an asymmetrical rim with a 2mm offset. This will help the wheels become more balanced. 3. We do have another superlight rim released recently, it's the AR35 (21mm internal, 28mm outer width, 35mm depth). The flyweight version is only 350+/-15g. The other highlight of this model is the manufacturing technologies (first launched in 2018) that applied to the rim. The rim comes out of the mold as a finished product by using a special release agent and high accuracy mold. The rim won't need any post-production because the finish itself is strong and without flaws. You can easily notice the carbon fiber texture. This requires high accuracy and meticulous production. The outcome for rim performance is stronger and high scratch resistance. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Keith 2020/04/17

Looking for a light, low profile, disc brake climbing wheel. The AR 24 recommends tires above 28C. What if I run 23-25C?

LightBicycle 2020/04/17

Hi Keith, For 22mm internal width rim, 23-25c tires would be a bit narrow to fit, which the 700C rim wouldn't hold the tires on as good. So it would be better to keep the tire within the range 28~50c. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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