Christmas & Boxing Day Sale 2019

This is the last big sale at Light Bicycle in 2019. From Dec. 17th to 26th (CST), we are offering an 8% discount to all new wheelsets at Light Bicycle, including our Global and North American warehouses!

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3. Enter the coupon code when placing an order. The discount applies to new wheelsets only, rims-only and wheelsets on the clearance list not included.

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FAQ: I entered the code and it came up as invalid?

1. Make sure the coupon code is activated and applied within the same browser and device.

2. The activation is saved to the browser's cookies. If it comes up as invalid, try to re-activate the code as your browser may have cleared the cookies.

3. The code is valid for 7 days. You will have to re-activate the code after 7 days.

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Happy Holidays from the team at Light Bicycle!

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Jay 2020/01/08

Hello, I was saddened to see that your Christmas sale has ended when getting ready to order a new wheel set. Would you be able to extend the sale or have a new one coming up? Thank you, Jay

LightBicycle 2020/01/10

Hi Jay, 1. Sorry that you missed the Christmas sale. We do offer a 5% returning customer if you are interested. 2. What would be your idea wheel build this time? We do have some mountain bike wheelsets with DT hubs about to put out as clearance. Will you be interested? They will be built and shipped from Canada, so you don't need to worry about the lead time and tax st Thanks, Lightbicycle


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