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We’ve built the first Facebook group for road riders: Light Bicycle: Aero Performance (Road). More groups are to be created in the near future. Please join us and share your ideas and your bike pictures.

Who Is It For?

Road riders who have been using Light Bicycle wheels or those who are looking for a new wheelset. This group is a community we’re building for you to share any real-world observations of your road wheels, especially regarding the aero performance.

Aerodynamic gains from deep wheels are appealing, yet the uncertainty of performance gains or potential drawbacks make it a hard decision for some. Sharing your experience can help riders with a similar situation determine if an aero rim is suitable for them.

Join us to share, discuss and learn now.


What to Discuss?

The first topic for our group is the relevance between wheel rim depth and crosswind stability. Deep section wheels are affected more significantly by the wind compared to shallower wheels. Yet, there are other variables such as rider weight, riding speed, cycling skills, rim design, etc. The actual feel in crosswinds of the same wheels differs between cyclists.

In our rider stories, road cyclists spoke about rim depth vs. crosswinds. We need more real-world experiences to help solidify recommendations to other cyclists.

What other topics are you interested in? Share your ideas with us in the comments below.


What to Share?

A small tip: get as specific and detail-oriented as you can. Take this topic (rim depth vs crosswind handling) as an example, it’d be great to have the rider weight, wind speed, riding terrain, and describe the rim model. Here are some instances (source: Light Bicycle rider stories).

Vock-road-race-rider-thumbs-up PAD-vock-r55-review.jpeg

Name: Vock

Weight: 134lbs/60.8kg

Model: R55 disc

Experience: In crosswinds, they felt stable and confident. (I’m a 61kg rider so I really FEEL the wind). In headwinds, they rolled much much faster than the wheels I had ridden before. Given the same power output, I was moving 3-4km/h faster. So far, about 2000km of training and one race have been done with the wheels. The 90km race was really fast with an average speed of 42.5km/h. The wheels held up fine even on the rough cobbles on a sprint finish. I managed to get into the top 10! The race was my second proper road race, and I was exhilarated with the result.

Name: Érico

Weight: 138lbs/62.6kg

Model: AR56

Experience: These rims have a great aerodynamic performance and no handling problems in crosswinds. They are also very light considering the rim depth and width, so I ride them even uphill. The braking track works very well, I have only used the Light Bicycle blue brake pads that came along and haven't felt the need to change. Even on long steep downhills, I have zero issues. The Bitex hubs work fine and are light, besides being the cheapest build. I've had them in another wheelset and they are good.

Erico-road-rider-in-race PAD-erico-ar56-review.jpeg
Pek-custom-1x-speed-2017-specialized-shiv-expert PAD-pek-r88-review.jpeg

Name: Pek

Weight: 187lbs/85kg

Model: R88

Experience: On the open road, twitches could only be felt when heavy vehicles pass by. However, these were always predictable. They were easy enough to keep in control even in my aero position. Surprisingly, the overall stability and tracking of these wheels did not feel too far off from my previous wheels which were shallower.

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