Sapim's Spring Visit to the LB Factory

Sapim is a leading spoke and nipple manufacturer based in Belgium, and recently they stopped by to visit us in China!

During the visit, Sapim sales manager Henk van Empel gave a brief introduction about the development and corporate culture of Sapim. Founded in 1918, SAPIM has been producing spokes and nipples of highest quality for full 100 years. Their target is to help the consumers to build better wheels rather than focus on marketing.

Their no-nonsense approach was refreshing and in line with our objectives to produce quality rims and wheelsets at great value to consumers. We were able to discuss the technology developments of the various washers, spokes, and nipples they manufacture.

In order to offer lighter and stronger wheels, we are using Sapim cx-ray spokes and Sapim D-light spokes for carbon wheels building. We look forward to working more with Sapim this year, and have their help to choose the right spokes & nipples to build the best and light wheels for our customers!

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Gregg 2018/06/04

Spoke tension on am928 rims? Also are washers recommended? Thank you Gregg

LightBicycle 2018/06/05

Hi Gregg, 1. We use the following spoke tension range while building wheels, pls take it as a ref For symmetrical MTB Front hub: Non-drive side 115~125kgf. Drive side 85~95kgf Rear hub: non-drive side 85~95kgf. Drive side 115~125kgf It’s better to make sure that the max spoke tension under 135kgf. 2. We do not use nipple washers here for building wheels. The spoke holes’ wall strength is strong enough. But if you insist to use nipples, it is okay if you do not mind weight adding. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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