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E-MTB Wheel Tech & Testing

Our first tests revealed!

The EH733S (27.5”) and the EH935S (29”) are aimed at E-MTB use, with a large focus on strength and durability, while retaining the lightest rim weight possible. To achieve optimal ride quality, these rims have been through stringent in-house testing and feature a host of innovative technologies.

E-MTB Tech

S-Flow Profile

The unique combination of a stepped sidewall and flowy profile gives carbon rims great vertical compliance. With this unique design, key areas of the rim are carefully reinforced so that rim weight can be reduced without compromising durability.


The curved inner circumference creates peaks and valleys. By lacing the spokes of lower tensions to the valleys, the bracing angle decreases, and the gap in bracing angles between the high-tension and the low-tension sides shrinks. This allows for more even spoke tensions and a wheel that stays true longer.

Hybrid Hooks

Between hooked and hookless profiles, there is a new option: the hybrid hook. Carefully engineered semi-ridges blend the advantages of traditional hook shapes for excellent tire retention, good rubber/rim engagement, and easy setup.

Wide Rim Bead

Our E-MTB rims feature 4mm ultra-wide rim beads. The thickened bead, along with the smooth edge, offers fantastic protection for when tires meet obstacles, as the impact energy gets dispersed faster on broader surfaces. This lowers the risk of snakebite punctures.

Reinforced Freehub System

We only build our E-MTB wheels with premium components capable of withstanding the higher loads demanded by modern electronic engines. Hubs by DT Swiss and Industry 9 are two popular options found on many of our E-MTB-specific builds.

Paintless BlackTek

Paintless rims represent a manufacturing upgrade in every way, from the raw materials used to layup and mold precision. Paintless carbon rims come out of the mold with a flawless appearance and without the need for post-production treatments like sanding and paint. The innate rim finish is highly wear-resistant.

E-MTB Wheel Testing

Both the EH733S and EH935S have passed through a series of destructive and non-destructive tests in their development stages. Below we’ve highlighted some testing data most relevant to ride experience out on the trail.

    01 Mold Precision Test >
    02 Stiffness Test >
    03 Impact Resistance >
    04 Wheel Building & Tire Mounting >
Our E-MTB wheels featuring the innovative S-Flow profile are now available in 29”, 27.5”, and mixed sizes, click here to order now! If you have any questions about choosing the right product for your ride, don’t hesitate to email us ( or leave a comment below!

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