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Rim Finish and Weave: A Complete Buyers Guide

Personalize your carbon wheels with our diverse range of finishes and rim weaves at Light Bicycle. Choose from a variety of looks, including some popular options we list online, and the additional choices we offer through special request only. This guide will explore our full lineup of finishes and weaves, so you can make the best choice for your dream wheels today!

Rim Finishes

A thin layer of clear coat is the most typical rim finish we offer. Depending on the amount of layers applied, the finish can appear slightly muted for our Matte finish, or vibrant and reflective with our Glossy finish. If you’d like your rim to appear somewhere in the middle, our Satin finish will do the trick.

Paintless vs traditional coats: While paintless (Pro series) rims can be customized with a matte, satin, or glossy finish, we can’t offer this option for our painted (Non-Pro series) rims. These rims need to be sanded and finished in post-production before they’re ready to roll, so unfortunately you won’t be able to customize your Non-Pro order in this way.

Paintless-manufacturing-tech.jpeg Light-Bicycle-paintless-carbon-wheel.jpeg

Crystal effect paint: Looking for attention? Our crystal effect leverages the chemical composition of the rim finish to induce rapid and complete crystallization on the surface within minutes. This process is influenced by ambient moisture and temperature, so each finish is completely unique to that particular rim. This results in a stunning effect available in a wide range of color options!

Crystal-paint-white.jpeg MO-crystal-paint-wheel-white-base-color.jpeg Crystal-paint-yellow-and-blue.jpeg MO-satin-coat.jpeg

Rim Weaves

When we talk about rim weaves, we’re discussing the top layer of carbon on the rim (learn more about weaves). There are generally three categories of carbon fiber weaves: UD, 3K, and 12K.

UD Type

UD (Uni-Directional) which means that all of the rim’s surface fibers run parallel to each other. A plain UD weave delivers our standard and unobtrusive look, but we also offer Braided and Marble UD if you’re on the hunt for something more exciting!

(Plain) UD
Braided UD

(Plain) UD: A classic and low-profile carbon rim look.

Braided UD: The UD prepregs cut into narrower pieces are twined one by one manually around the rim to create the elegant braid.

Marble: Pieces of UD fibers are scattered on the UD cloth to create a wild look.

3K Type

Carbon fiber tow is the thread used to weave carbon fiber fabrics together. The number of filaments per tow determines a weave’s K grade. 3K means there are 3000 filaments per tow. 3K and 12K are the most popular, and you may also see 1K, 2K, 6K and 24K carbon used in some rims.

Depending on the weave method, there are decussated 3K (an “X” pattern) and twilled 3K (a pattern of diagonal ribs) fibers.

3K (Decussated)
3K Twill-Horizontal
3K Twill-Vertical

3K (Decussated): A popular and elegant carbon rim look.

3K Twill-Horizontal: The twill is more vibrant than the decussated.

3K Twill-Vertical: Twill still, just to another direction.

Hexa-Comb: 3K combined with hexagons for a unique look.

12K Type

12K weaves use fiber tows of 12,000 filaments. Similar to 3K, there are decussated and twilled 12K weaves. 12K carbon is more distinguishable than other weaves, even at a distance.

12K (Decussated)
12K Twill-Horizontal
12K Twill-Vertical

12K (Decussated): The tows decussate and form an X pattern on the surface.

12K Twill-Horizontal: Twill looks a bit more vibrant than the decussate.

12K Twill-Vertical: Twill still, but in a vertical direction.

Customize your Weave and Finish

Customizing your wheel’s finish is easy:

01 Choose the “Full Custom” option on our site.

Simply select the “Full Custom” option when configuring your product online through the Global shop, and leave your customization details in the notes section at checkout. Our sales team will reach out to you after purchase to finalize the details.

Full-custom-options.jpeg Full-custom-options.jpeg

02 Email us your customization request.

Connect with a member of our team for an in-depth discussion about customization options by sending an email to or have a live chat with us right here. One of our sales representatives will be in touch to get an order going ASAP!

What finish and weave do you like most? Please leave a message in the comments with your picks. If you have any questions on customization, we’re all ears!

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