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Review of LightBicycle AR465 Wheelset: A Rider's Perspective

Rider Profile


Name : Kenn aka kenntankerous

Origin : Singapore

Information : 172 cm, 70kg. Weekend warrior. Love road cycling - 5000 km per year.



Frameset : J.Guillem Major - Titanium Road Bike

Groupset : Shimano Dura-Ace 9120


Rims : Light Bicycle AR465 disc

Hubs : Light Bicycle Speed Hub 36t

Spokes : Light Bicycle Flyweight Carbon

Tires : Vittoria Corsa Pro TLR 28C

The AR465 is a testament to Light Bicycle's commitment to quality.

Every cyclist understands the profound difference a quality wheelset can make. As an avid cyclist for years, I've had my fair share of experiences with various wheelsets. The AR465 from Light Bicycle, however, stands out in a league of its own. Having journeyed more than 5,000km on Light Bicycle's AR45, I became intrigued by what the AR465 could offer. The transition was not just seamless, it was transformative.

Craftsmanship matters, and the AR465 is a testament to Light Bicycle's commitment to quality. The standout feature for me has been the carbon spokes. Their even tensioning is evident in the wheelset's performance and durability. It's details like these that differentiate a good wheelset from a great one. Every component feels meticulously chosen and assembled to give riders an experience they won't forget.


From the very first ride, the AR465's prowess became evident.

With the Light Bicycle Hub 36T and those sleek carbon spokes, it's no surprise that the responsiveness is unparalleled. When you're pedalling down a stretch, it feels like the bike becomes an extension of yourself. Every ounce of energy you exert seems to be directly converted into forward motion, giving you a ride that's smooth yet incredibly energetic.

What genuinely astonished me was the balance the AR465 struck between performance and comfort. One might assume that a wheelset with such performance emphasis might skimp on comfort. This wheelset defies that assumption. My decision to run a tubeless setup on the AR465 was a game-changer. Anticipated vibrations or harshness, often associated with carbon-spoke wheelsets, were nowhere to be found. The tubeless setup, combined with the AR465's engineering, delivers speed without compromising on the comfort we all crave, especially during those long rides.


Side note on the AR45.

It's only fair to give a nod to where my Light Bicycle journey began: the AR45. After serving me well over thousands of kilometers, it's now my wife's trusted companion on our rides. It's a testament to the wheelset's durability and versatility, offering an optimal blend of comfort and performance.

In summary, in the realm of cycling, where every detail counts, the AR465 emerges as a frontrunner. It promises speed and delivers more—it offers a holistic riding experience. For anyone seeking to amplify their cycling adventures, the AR465 isn't just a wheelset; it's an experience waiting to unfold.



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