Go Deeper, Ride Faster


Name : Kionne "Keykey" Potter

Origin : Great Britain

Information : Height 183cm. Weight 80kg.
Road riding: 5000 miles per year.
Mainly ride solo and occasionally participate in events.
The biggest events I’ve taken part in are Ride London and La Marmotte (Alps).



Frame : 3T Strada

Groupset : Ultegra R8070 with R9100 chainset


Rims : Light Bicycle AR56 Disc Glossy UD with external holes

Hubs : Novatec D411SB D412SB Straight-pull 6-bolt 12/100mm 12/142mm Shimano Road 11s

Spokes : Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420

Nipples : Sapim Aluminium Black

Tires : Pirelli P Zero Velo Classic 25mm

The wheels are fast, incredibly light, and look amazing.

I’ve now been riding these wheels for just over 2000 miles and absolutely love them. What brought these wheels to my attention was how well they performed in the independent testing carried out by Hambini. Since using them the performance gain over my previous 50mm carbon wheelset is pretty much as expected when compared to those test results.

The majority of my riding is solo road riding. I’ve noticed around a 1.5km average speed increase over my 65km training route. A back-to-back ride with similar conditions and similar effort saw my average speed rise from 32.7km/h to 34.3km/h over my previous 50mm wheelset. It’s a lumpy route that includes cat 4 climb, 800m of total ascent, and some fast flats. These wheels have been faster everywhere, I’ve been getting PR’s on flats, descents, and climbs.

They handle beautifully. I often ride in the ‘fake TT bar’ position and can comfortably do this in crosswinds. Riding in a more traditional position in 30km+ crosswinds has not been a problem for me - they’re just so stable. I am approximately 80kg and that goes in my favour with crosswind stability.

I ride some very bad road surfaces and these wheels have taken a lot of heavy bumps.

Because of the wider internal width, they make the bike feel so much smoother on rough roads as they soak up so much road buzz. I currently run 25mm Pirelli P Zero Velo tyres. These tyres measure 2mm wider than advertised on a rim of average width and on these rims they measure 30mm. The Pirelli tyres go on these wheels effortlessly with no need for tyre levers. Someone more skilled than I could probably get them off without tyre levers too.

I ride some very bad road surfaces and these wheels have taken a lot of heavy bumps. Despite this, they have remained as true as the day I received them and they were very well built.

The only negative point is the bearings in the Novatec hubs, they only lasted a couple of months and had to be replaced. The hubs are easy to work on so that wasn’t much of an issue for me.

Regarding the looks, Light Bicycle was very receptive to my moderate customisation requests. I like understated and subtle graphics and Light Bicycle accommodated my request perfectly. I really like the glossy finish and how the decals beneath the clear coat subtly change shade depending on the angle of the light. Then there’s the sound that the large rims make when you’re cruising along. They just hum and I love that.

I can't see any reason to buy any other wheelset over a Light Bicycle wheelset.

They’re fast, light, well-built, incredibly well priced, and look amazing. My only issue now is stopping myself from buying another deeper wheelset!

As for Light Bicycle themselves, they responded very quickly to my queries when ordering the wheels, when I requested shipping information after they’d been shipped, and whenever I ask them questions on social media about the wheels once I received them. So far they’ve been a pleasure to deal with.


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