85mm wide carbon 26er fat bike rim hookless double wall tubeless compatible

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Hole Count This is a required option.

Please note that our valves are drilled for presta and spoke holes are made for external nipples only. If you have a custom drilling requirements please e-mail us and we'll send you a purchasing link.








Spoke hole drilling This is a required option.

Centered drilling is the most popular.


Finish This is a required option.

Matte is slightly lighter and a more subtle finish (most popular). Glossy has a shine to it.



Weave This is a required option.

The layup schedule is predetermined for each model, but you can choose the outer layer.
3k/12k/UD are the 3 choices for cosmetic appearance.The rim strength & weight is virtually identical.
UD Matte is the most popular and has a subtle look.
3k weave has a more traditional carbon fiber look.
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Decal This is a required option.

These rims use waterslide decals. The decal is very thin and applied under a clearcoat so they are non-removeable.

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If you want custom graphic, Please email us, we will design for you. There will be extra cost for custom graphic on rims.

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Recon Pro orders start shipping in October.

- + PCS

Weight: 580.00g+/-20

Final total: USD 196+

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  • Size 26er
  • Use Sand, Snow, Single Track
  • Type Hookless
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width 80mm/85mm
  • Depth 20mm
  • ERD 536mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight 580+/-20g
  • Offset 0mm (symmetric)
  • Drilling Offset ±4mm
  • Weight Limit 120kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle 10°
  • Spoke Tension ≤135kgf recommended
  • Tyre Pressure ≤25psi recommended
  • Tire 4.3" ~ 5.0" recommended

Is it possible to get fatter and lose weight at the same time? Thanks to a lightweight carbon profile, the FAT680’s save a pound of rotational weight compared to most alloy wheelsets, all while adding lateral stiffness.

The 80mm inner width runs a standard 4.3” tire up to a full size 5.0”, making it perfect for all-conditions of fatbike riding. It’s wide enough to tackle deep snow and sand, but still nimble enough on a tight single track.

Manufacturing process: Our air bladders are made from a special material which produces smoother walls, result in a lighter rim, and are completely removed without harsh chemicals. They are removed through the valve hole with a unique process so that the rim does not have to be patched like traditional manufacturers use. This significantly improves the strength of the rims. Read More about our process

T700: Constructed with premium Toray T700 carbon fiber. The best strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.

Tubeless: Tubeless (no tube) system performs perfectly at super low pressure. The rim mold is modified with better tubeless tyre setup , this design not only reinforces sidewall, also provides superior tire seal, especially for tubeless tires. Tubeless makes your fat bikes much lighter.

Double-wall: Double-wall construction makes fat bike rim with better stiffness and ride handling.

Ultra low profile: it makes fat rims light-weight and fast-rolling. The super-flat design provides better pinch flat protection.

Fast tire installtion: deeper tire bead channel provides easy tire mounting & dismounting for fat bike wheels.

Precise layup: Each rim carries its own layup schedule documents which are followed meticulously by the layup workers. Our Engineering team creates a unique fiber orientation which amplifies the desired riding characteristics for a given rim.

Bead lock: The small ridges on either side of the drop channel help secure tubeless tires in place. The bead lock makes it easier to seal up tubeless tires with a floor pump, and they are incredibly hard to burp.

For Non-Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 3-year Standard Warranty.

For Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 5-year Pro Warranty as standard and an upgraded optional lifetime Premium Warranty with minimum charge.

Crash Replacement: It is applicable with the same period as the warranty time range that you purchased for the rims with 10% /25% discount for Non-Pro series /Pro series.

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Brett 2019/01/30

Hi guys I ride a trek Farly with 26” x 82mm rims ( Jackalopes by trek). The rims are asymmetrical (have an off set) they take an 3.8 tire. My bike back end won’t take any bigger tire than that. What can you recommend as I have written off my front rim but I’m looking to replace both. Regards Brett Hand

LightBicycle 2019/01/30

Thank you for your inquiry! For trek Jackalope rim, it is 81.5mm outer/75.2mm inner. We recommend our FAT680 for you. It is okay for 3.8" tires. Don't worry about that. FAT680: 85mm outer/80mm inner, 20mm deep, 580g+/-20, USD196 each Do you like fat bike rims only or complete wheelset(built with hubs &spokes)? Thanks, Lightbicycle


brett 2019/01/30

Rims only but with a single row of nipple holes.

LightBicycle 2019/01/30

Hi Brett, For rims with single row nipple holes, is it offset drilling that you like? Please find attached picture. If yes, we can manufacture for you. How many do you like? Thanks, Lightbicycle


Brett 2019/02/23

Hi I would like 2 rims with single row holes and offset drilling please.

LightBicycle 2019/02/23

Hi Brett, We just got your message. It is okay to order single row hole and offset drilling on fat bike rim. Please find attached picture of drilling pattern, for single row hole/offset drilling pattern, it is on the left on the picture. If it is what you like, you can click on below cart, and add to your cart, then proceed the purchase & payment. Please let us know if you have any other questions. https://www.lightbicycle.com/site/share-cart?id=100 Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Jorden 2018/09/04

2016 norco Ithaca 26" wheels 150 x15 front 197x 12 rear xd driver sram I currently have 80mm rims and run different types of 4" tires. I ride this all year round. Single track and as snow machine. Can you give a recommendation. Awaiting your response thanks Jorden

LightBicycle 2018/09/05

Hi Jorden, We have sent fat bike wheelset price with DT Swiss 350 big ride hubs and Hope Fatsno Hubs to your email. Please check and let us know if there is any questions. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Rob 2017/12/21

Currently riding a 2017 Rocky Mountain Blizzard -20*. Front Hub Rocky Mountain Sealed 135mm QR Rear Hub SUNringlé SRC 190mm QR Spokes 2.0 Stainless Rims Rocky Mountain Speedhole 95mm Which of your rims would be best for my current set up? Thanks Rob

LightBicycle 2017/12/23

Hello Rob, Thanks for your inquiry. We have 65mm/ 85mm/ 90mm wide 26er fat bike rims for you. May I know what the tire width you use normally? What is your weight? Do you ride aggressively? Is your previous rim with 95mm width? Then we will do some recommendations and quote accordingly. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Marko 2017/02/06

Hi i have the Kona Wozo 2017, the rimms i have are the 80mm Sun Ringle MuleFut. scwalbe jumbo jim tires 26x4,8" front and 26x4,0" rear. FRONT HUB Joytech 150x15mm REAR HUB Joytech 177x12mm Have i got the right rimms selected? se below RSNOW04 36H Centred Matte UD NO decal. BR / Marko

LightBicycle 2017/02/07

Hello Marko, Thanks for your inquiry. According to info, our 85mm wide 26er fat bike rim is suitable for your riding. Are your both hubs are 36H? Because it takes around one month for 36H rims manufacturing. Or UD matte 32H center drilling rim line of rim is inventoried so we can ship quickly. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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