85mm wide carbon 26er fat bike single wall flyweight wheels hookless tubeless compatible


Global warehouse ship to most countries while the North America warehouse only ship to the United States and Canada

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Spoke This is a required option.

Brand Model Type Thread Diameter (mm) Weight(g) Gauge Riding Style Available(Warehouse Location)
Sapim Race Double Butted 2.0 - 1.8 - 2.0 5.7g (260mm) 14G Heavy Duty North America, China
Sapim D-Light Double Butted 2.0 - 1.65 - 2.0 4.8g (260mm) 14G Versatile North America, China
Sapim CX-Ray Aero 2.0 - 0.9/2.3 - 2.0 4.4g (260mm) N/A Light Aero North America, China
DT SWISS Competition Race Double Butted 2.0 - 1.6 - 2.0 4.8g (260mm) 14G Versatile China
Pillar PSR X-TRA 1420 Aero 2.0 - 0.95/2.2 - 2.0 4.4g (260mm) N/A Inexpensive Aero China

Sapim D-Light – The best all-around and most popular spoke for carbon wheels. Lightweight but incredibly strong.
Sapim Race – Our strongest and stiffest spoke. These spokes are suitable for heavy or extremely aggressive riders who need a stiffer wheel.
Sapim CX-Ray – The lightest spoke in our lineup is still quite strong due to the elasticity and amazing fatigue life.

DT Competition Race - All Mountain and XC spoke used by the Chinese location as a substitue for the D-Light (depending on availability)

Pillar PSR X-TRA 1420 - An inexpensive bladed spoke, great for road and cyclocross riding.

Sapim CX Ray

Nipple This is a required option.

Nipple Brand Model Material Color Length Available
(Warehouse Location)
Sapim Double Square Secure Lock Alloy Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Lime, Purple, Orange 16mm Norh America
Sapim Polyax/ Polyax Secure Lock Alloy Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Lime, Purple, Orange 14mm China
Sapim Polyax Secure Lock Brass Black 16mm China
DT Swiss DT SQUORX (PRO HEAD PRO LOCK) Alloy Black, Red 15mm China
DT Swiss Standard PRO LOCK Brass Black 14mm China

Aluminium Black

Aluminium Red

Brass Black

Spoke hole drilling This is a required option.



Finish This is a required option.


Weave This is a required option.

UD: uni-direction carbon fiber


Rim Warranty This is a required option.

For Recon Pro Series ( MTB rim), Falcon Pro (future road rim) and Drift Pro (fatbike rim), 5-year warranty is set as standard, and optional Lifetime Premium Warranty are kindly offered to purchase with minimum charge respectively.

5 Years

Lifetime USD +50/rim

Decal This is a required option.

The new graphics are included and available in 7 colors. The decals are now easily replaceable so you can keep your rims looking fresh.









Valve Stem This is a required option.

We include enough valves to cover your individual rim purchase. We use a lightweight black alloy anodized valve with an oversized concave collar for easy gripping. A rubber o-ring goes in between the rim and the collar to help seal the rim and match the contour of the rim profile. The vavle core is removeable so you can add sealant withoutn removing your tire.
Link to tubeless valve instructions


Add Valve Stem USD +7 each


In Stock, typically ships within 2 business days

In Stock, typically ships within 2 business days

Non-Stocked, typically ships within 1-2 weeks Go to rim inventory page

Non-Stocked, typically ships within 1-2 weeks Go to rim inventory page

Recon Pro orders start shipping in October.

- + Pair

Weight: 1000.00g+/-30

Final total: USD 710.00+

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  • Size 26er
  • Use Sand, Snow, Singletrack
  • Type Hookless
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width 80mm/85mm
  • Depth 17mm
  • ERD 544.5mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight 500+/-20g
  • Offset 0mm (symmetric)
  • Drilling Offset 10mm
  • Weight Limit 120kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle ±8°
  • Spoke Tension ≤135kgf recommended
  • Tyre Pressure ≤25psi recommended
  • Tire 4.3" ~ 5.0" recommended

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Is it possible to get fatter and lose weight at the same time? Thanks to a lightweight single wall design, the FS680 rims save a pound of rotational weight compared to most alloy wheelsets, all while adding lateral stiffness. Weighing in at just 500g per rim, you’ll drop a significant amount of rotational weight from your fatbike without compromising strength or stiffness.

Example Wheelset Build: ONLY 1700G!
Rims: FS680
Hubs: Tune Fat King/Fat Kong
Spokes: Sapim CX-RAY
Nipples: Sapim Polyax Secure Lock

Each wheel from Light Bicycle is built using the best industry practices by professional builders, ensuring your investment stands the test of time.

Tech Notes:
1. Bladed spokes or Sapim D-Light's are recommended for the FS680 wheelset. DT Swiss Comp Race or Revolution spokes stretch out too easily and would cause a poor wheel build with a single wall rim.
2. Use nipples with a standard head or Sapim Hex nipples only. Nipples with a tall head will cause an issue with the tubeless tape.
3. DO NOT use tire levers to install a tire or to unseat a tire on FS680 rims. The wall thickness is quite thin just past where your tire sits, and you may damage this area by prying on it!

Flyweight Single-Wall Design: The Drift Pro fat bike rim drops more than a 100g from our traditional double wall carbon rims by moving to a single wall design with our Flyweight technology, which uses a lighter pre-preg and a blend of Toray T800 and T700 carbon fiber. Single-wall engineering is about more than just weight savings. By allowing the rim to flex vertically on impact, the design offers a stronger and more comfortable ride experience compared to double wall rims.

Reinforced Spoke Hole: Thanks to a special mold design and molding process, each spoke hole is accurately reinforced. This means that the area around the holes thickens to 3mm, allowing for the use of spokes at high tension without the need of a washer. This reinforced spoke hole has been tested on the new single fat bike rim up to 300kgf without failure - far more than the our recommended 100-115kgf spoke tension.

Angled Spoke Holes: The ideal angle for spoke holes is 7°. By drilling the holes at these angles, the build process is improved by reduced stress at the nipple/spoke interface.

Special Foamed Material Used for Building: Instead of using an air bladder, we apply a lightweight foam material to build the shape of the cavity on both sides of the rim. Unlike a bladder, the foam material provides dampening and remains inside the rim after the manufacturing process is complete. Because no holes are required to remove the foam, the continuous strength of the carbon fiber is maintained.

Tubeless Compatible: By using a slope design on the bead, the Drift Pro fat bike rim allows for easier tubeless tire installation and provides a better seal between the rim and tire. The shape of the bead seat reduces the chance of a tire burping at low pressure.

Anti-Accumulation Profile: We've maintained a smooth exterior which is designed to prevent mud, sand or snow accumulation when riding, cutting down on any unnecessary weight or drag.

Hookless Design: Our hookless design has consistent carbon compaction and there are no voids in the layup, providing the rim with a greater capability to withstand sharp impacts.

For Non-Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 3-year Standard Warranty.

For Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 5-year Pro Warranty as standard and an upgraded optional lifetime Premium Warranty with minimum charge.

Crash Replacement: It is applicable with the same period as the warranty time range that you purchased for the rims with 10% /25% discount for Non-Pro series /Pro series.

Know more about the warranty policy >>


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Marc 2018/11/15

When will this size be available in 27.5? Several bike companies are moving to that wheel size.

LightBicycle 2018/11/16

Hi Marc, In fact, we do have future plans for making a 650b fat bike rim version of this rim (single wall profile). But I am afraid that have to wait till we got the result from our market analyzing. We need to see if there's a market demand on this. Thank you for bringing this to us. I will let you know when this is settled. You can also follow our on social media to get the fresh news. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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