FALCON rim AR36 disc Road/CX/Gravel

Road bicycle disc rims 28mm wide 36mm deep aero clincher

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  • Rim Model AR36 disc
  • Size 700C
  • Series FALCON
  • Use Road/CX/Gravel
  • Type Clincher
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width Hook 21mm/28mm, Hookless 22.5mm/28mm
  • Depth 36mm
  • ERD 568mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight 410+/-15g
  • Offset 0mm (symmetric)
  • Weight Limit (on flat ground) 125kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle ±5°
  • Spoke Tension 115 ~130kgf front, 120~130kgf rear
  • Tire Pressure (with 25C) Hook: 110psi, Hookless: 70psi max
  • Tire 23C~43C recommended

Read more for TL tire pressure charts

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The most versatile option in our road lineup, the 36mm can handle cyclocross, road racing, and all-day gravel rides. The mid-depth rim profile has a reassuring stiffness, building confidence through ruts and railing corners. It remains compliant for long distance and weighs at just 410g per rim.

This wide tubeless ready platform has a 21mm internal width, suitable for a wide range of tire choices.


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For Non-Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 3-year Standard Warranty.

For Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 5-year Pro Warranty as standard and an upgraded optional lifetime Premium Warranty with minimum charge.

Crash Replacement: It is applicable with the same period as the warranty time range that you purchased for the rims with 10% /25% discount for Non-Pro series /Pro series.

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Vincent: The quality and the look of the satin 12K are awesome! I had a first 100km ride (installed with 28 gp5000 TL ) and it was a revolution compared with my alu first wheels. Yesterday 210km ride to French Pyrenees on these awesome wheels. Fast on flat roads, light and reactive for climbing. This was the best compromise for me. I send you a photo of the bike (a Chinese carbonda CFR1056) on top of col de Port.
Andrew: Here are a few pics of the last set I built up.
United States
Light: Rims: AR36 disc 28/28H UD Matte Tubeless-Ready Hubs: DT SWISS 240 EXP 15/110mm BOOST straight-pull Center lock Black DT SWISS 240 EXP 12/142mm Sram XDR straight-pull Center lock Black EXP 36T Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black Polyax Secure Lock External Weight: 1435 grams
Muzza: Been using my light bicycle rims now for over 1 year. They are attached to a pair of white industries hubs. I’m a aggressive rider and not scared of holes and off beaten paths. Would I recommend LB rims yes. Would I buy again yes. Excellent service excellent quality.
Light Bicycle: Rims: AR36 Disc 700C Falcon series 24/24H Hubs: DT SWISS 180 EXP SP CL 12/100mm 12/142mm Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black Weight: 1333.6 grams
Light Bicycle: AR36 disc hook matte UD 24H external hole With Holes



Hamish 2019/11/20

Hi I want to build a gravel wheel set. Tubeless, 700c, up to 40mm tyres. Either the AR36 or the WR38 look suitable. I have the Rotor 1x13 groupset so will be building these on the Rotor 13 speed hubs. See here... https://rotorbike.com/catalog/default/rotor/road/hubs/rvolver-1x13-rear-hub-disc-cl-jb-24h-12x142.html. The rear hub is a 2:1 spoke ratio. Would this work? Thanks

LightBicycle 2019/11/21

Hi Hamish, 1. Yes, we can make the spoke holes drilled as a 2:1 pattern for you. But we do have 2 kinds of drilling methods available, would you let me know which do you like to have? You can see the drilling method from the attachments. I will create the order for you once we settle the details and confirm. 2. Between the road disc rims you mentioned, I would suggest AR36(28mm wide, 36mm deep) over WR38(32mm wide, 38mm deep), as the top strict quality approvement standard for paintless rims raises the cost much and requires a long delivery. If you prefer wider rims. The good news is that we just publish our WR35(32mm wide, 35mm deep), the lead time would be shorter, and with a very close rim profile to WR38. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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steve 2019/08/13

For the AR36, I did not see the option to choose the hookless internal 22.5mm/28 external rim, is it possible? Also, is it ok with a 45c tire?

LightBicycle 2019/08/14

Hi Steve, 1. Yes, the AR36 hookless disc road rim option is available online, But only in Global options, our North America warehouse don't have it in stock. 2. Our recommending tire range for AR36 disc is 23-43c, 45c will be a little wider. 3. You can check out the WR38 disc, it's with 25mm inner width, the tire range is up to 50c if you want to use your 45c tires. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Filip 2019/10/09

Hi LB, Is there a flyweight version of this rim (AR36) available,and if yes,can it be hookless? Thanks Greetings from Belgium

LightBicycle 2019/10/10

Hi Filip, The 410g+/-15 is already a light version of the AR36 (28mm wide, 36mm deep) road disc, making it lighter would certainly reduce the strength and stiffness. We can try to make the rim as light as possible within the tolerance range. Will this work for you? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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