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Introducing the UFO-C21 Full Disc Wheel: Ready to Attack the Course

Bring your aero bike to a new level with our full disc wheel! The UFO disc wheel fills the gap in our aero-optimized products with a new Tri/Track specific wheel. Let’s learn more about this speed weapon.

An aero upgrade under $900

Disc wheels offer unparalleled aerodynamics with the spokeless design, which greatly reduces aero drag and turbulence. If you are a professional triathlete, track cyclist, or time trialist, disc wheels provide an obvious competitive edge.

Optimized for race performance, our UFO-C21 offers unbeatable value with our in-house engineering and direct-to-consumer model. Built around the ultra-reliable DT Swiss 350 hub, the complete wheel costs ONLY $850 USD. This may be the most budget-friendly upgrade you can make to your aero bike in 2022.

Triathlete-in-race Triathlon-Race

What does it weigh?

Traditional disc wheels are usually much heavier and more expensive than spoked wheels, but the UFO full disc structure (excluding the hub) is down to 1,000 grams, which is ~100 grams lighter than competitive counterparts. How did we achieve this?

The UFO is made of equally sized high-quality T800 carbon and ultra-thin foam plates. The high-density foam significantly reduces the risk of delamination while adding torsional and lateral stiffness which is required during high intensity sprints. The hollow construction also makes it easier to evacuate the air sneaking from the tire into the rim, increasing safety.

Disc-Wheel-Solid-vs-Hollow.jpeg Hollow-vs-Solid-Construction

A modern disc wheel from every aspect

The UFO disc wheel is available in both disc brake-specific and rim brake track versions, at the same price.

The clincher disc wheel also keeps tubeless compatibility in mind, just like other clincher rims we offer. Its wide profile, 21mm inner 28mm outer, is suitable for 25c to 38c tires. The hooks provide excellent tire retention up to 130psi (based on a 25c tire). More comfort or more speed – the choice is yours.

The valve hole on the non-drive side is equipped with a carbon cover to reduce turbulence and keep out debris. The UFO disc wheel is not only going to make you faster, but it will last for years.


Weave: UD & Sunflower

The UFO-C21 is available in two weave styles: UD (uni-directional) and “Sunflower”. The innovative Sunflower weave consists of twenty-three carbon strips per side, handcrafted by our most experienced layup technicians. Unlike many strip surfaces in the market, the Sunflower weave features continuous fibers from rim edge to edge, which adds to the strength of the wheel. The strips display a dynamic look, similar to spoked wheels in motion.

UFO-C21-Full-Disc-Wheel-Weave Disc-Wheel-UD-vs-Sunflower

Specs overview

Model UFO-C21 (Rear-Only)
Size 700C
Width 21mm/28mm
Material T800/T700 Carbon
Weave UD / Sunflower
Finish Matte / Satin
Bead Type Clincher (Tubeless-Ready)
Brake Type Disc Brake / Rim Brake
Intended Use Track / Time Trial / Triathlon
Max Cyclist Weight 150kg/331lbs
Recommended Tire Size 25c-38c
Max Tire Pressure (w/ 25c) 130psi (hooked)
Wheel Weight 1000+/-40g (hub excluded)
Hubs DT Swiss 350, Chosen
Price $755 USD (with Chosen hub)
$850 USD (with DT Swiss hub)

How to order?

The UFO wheel (disc / non-disc) is available from the Global warehouse now. The ordering process is no different – choose your favorite options to create your own build and proceed to check out. The disc wheel features a 3-year warranty and crash replacement. We’ve got your back.

Head to the top navigation bar and check out the new category: Tri/Track. You can click through to the aero wheel line-up and purchase.

UFO-C21 Full Carbon Disc Wheel Clincher Rim-Brake Rear

UFO-C21-28mm wide-633mm deep

USD: 755+ Standard 1227g+/-40

UFO-C21 Full Carbon Disc Wheel Clincher Rear Disc Brake

UFO-C21 Disc-28mm wide-633mm deep

USD: 755+ Standard 1231g+/-40

For a complete wheelset, pair the UFO rear wheel with these deep section front wheels.

Non Disc

R88 Non-Disc Fron-Only Aero Wheel

R88 Front Wheel-26.5mm wide-88mm deep

USD: 256+ Standard 788g+/-25

65mm deep carbon 700C 25mm wide road rim clincher U shape tubeless compatible with high TG resin surface

R65-25.85mm wide-65mm deep

USD: 162+ Standard 540g+/-15

88mm deep carbon 700C 26.54mm wide road rim clincher U shape tubeless available with grooved graphene brake track

R88-26.5mm wide-88mm deep

USD: 164+ Standard 650g+/-20

Disc Brake

R88 Disc Fron-Only Aero Wheel

R88 disc Front Wheel-26.5mm wide-88mm deep

USD: 256+ Standard 822g+/-15

65mm deep carbon 700C 25mm wide road disc rim clincher New Gen Aero Shape tubeless compatible

R65 disc-25mm wide-65mm deep

USD: 162+ Standard 540g+/-15

A Mini Survey

At this early phase, we are offering limited specs for the disk wheel. More aero-shaped products are in the R&D stage (scheduled to launch in May 2022). Let us know if you have any suggestions. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

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