FALCON rim WR65 CX/Gravel

700C 32mm wide 65mm deep carbon road disc rim clincher New Gen Aero Shape tubeless compatible

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Brake System This is a required option.


Version This is a required option.

Version Standard Flyweight
Weight Standard 42g - 70g lighter
Material Toray T700 Toray T800 and T700
Layup Standard Layup New layup for weight saving
Max Weight Loaded 135kg 90kg


Flyweight USD +12

Bead type This is a required option.


Hole Count This is a required option.

Please note that our valves are drilled for presta and spoke holes are made for external nipples by default. If you have a custom drilling requirements please e-mail us and we'll send you a purchasing link.








Finish This is a required option.

Matte is slightly lighter and a more subtle finish (most popular). Glossy has a shine to it.



Weave This is a required option.

The layup schedule is predetermined for each model, but you can choose the outer layer.
3k/12k/UD are the 3 choices for cosmetic appearance.The rim strength & weight is virtually identical.
UD Matte is the most popular and has a subtle look.
3k weave has a more traditional carbon fiber look.
More info about Weave >>




Center Channel Hole This is a required option.

WITH HOLES: This is the traditional method. Holes are drilled in the center channel to allow the nipples to easily be fed through the rim. Tubeless tape is required to seal the rim.

WITHOUT HOLES: No holes are drilled in the center channel. Feeding the nipples through the rim is more challenging, but it allows for a tubeless setup without the need for tape. This kind of system is known as "road tubeless" and was made popular by Mavic. Some companies still refer to it as "UST style", however, UST is actually a specific interface between the tire and rim which was developed by a partnership between Mavic, Michelin, and Hutchinson.

With Holes

Without Holes

Decal This is a required option.

Road rims use super light waterslide decals (matte colors). The decal is very thin and applied under a clearcoat so they are non-removeable.

Pictures about light-bicycle decal >>

If you want custom graphic, Please email us, we will design for you. There will be extra cost for custom graphic on rims.

Pictures about custom graphics >>

Blank (No decal)

Stealth (Grey)








Valve Stem This is a required option.

We include enough valves to cover your individual rim purchase. We use a lightweight black alloy anodized valves with an oversized concave collar for easy gripping. A rubber o-ring goes in between the rim and the collar to help seal the rim and match the contour of the rim profile. The valve core is removable so you can add sealant without removing your tire.
Link to tubeless valve instructions


Add Valve Stem USD +7 each

Tubeless Tape This is a required option.

One 10 yard roll of tape will be included. It is typically covers 2 rims with two laps each or 4 rims with one lap each.The high tensile tubeless tape features a natural rubber adhesive that does not leave a residue on the rims. On mountain bike rims, one layer of 18mm width tape is strong enough to seal the access holes which makes for the lightest tubeless setup.
Instructions of tubeless rim tape


Add Tubeless Tape USD +6 each

Recon Pro orders start shipping in October.

- + PCS

Weight: 540.00g+/-15

Final total: USD 179+

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  • Rim Model WR65 disc
  • Size 700C
  • Series FALCON
  • Use CX/Gravel
  • Type Clincher
  • Tubeless Ready
  • Inner/Outer Width 25mm/32mm
  • Depth 65mm
  • ERD 510mm (not including nipple head dimension)
  • Weight Standard 540+/-15g, Flyweight 500+/-15g
  • Offset 0mm (symmetric)
  • Weight Limit (on flat ground) Standard 135kg, Flyweight 90kg
  • Spoke Hole Angle ±8°
  • Spoke Tension 115 ~ 130kgf front, 120 ~130kgf rear
  • Tire Pressure (with 28C) 80psi max
  • Tire 28C~50C recommended

Read more for actual road tire width


As one of our widest road rims designs, the WR65 is the answer for the gravel rider trying to squeeze out every aerodynamic advantage from their setup.

Designed with racing in mind, the WR65 features a deep New Gen Aero Shape that decreases lateral resistance. With a 65mm deep and stiff profile, the WR65 is designed for experienced bike handlers looking for an aero edge or larger riders.


Learn More >>


For Non-Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 3-year Standard Warranty.

For Pro Series Rims: From the date of purchase, 5-year Pro Warranty as standard and an upgraded optional lifetime Premium Warranty with minimum charge.

Crash Replacement: It is applicable with the same period as the warranty time range that you purchased for the rims with 10% /25% discount for Non-Pro series /Pro series.

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LB : RIMS: WR65 Disc Falcon Series 24/24H Flyweight front Standard Rear HUBS: Novatec D411SB D412SB 12/100mm 12/142mm SP CL SPOKES: Sapim CX Ray NIPPLES: DT Swiss/ Sapim Aluminium Black Weight: 1554 grams Price: $669.4
LB : Rims: WR65 disc 700c 28/28H Flyweight front Standard rear Hubs: DT SWISS 240S SP CL 12/100mm 12/142mm Spokes: Sapim CX Ray Black Nipples: Sapim Aluminium Black



Johan 2020/10/07

Which nipple and spoke length do you recommend for these rims using shimano slx flange hubs?

LightBicycle 2020/10/07

Hi Johan, Can you be more specific about the hub and provide the dimension measurements to me so I can do the calculation for you accordingly? Then we can get the spoke length for these wide road disc rims. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Eddie 2020/10/05

Hi I´m looking for 29" MTB rims about 280g, do you have them? Thanks Eddie

LightBicycle 2020/10/06

Hi Eddie, We have RM29C06 rims XC 29er flyweight around 280g. Please check below link. https://www.lightbicycle.com/bead-hook-less-rims-carbon-29er-light-bike-rim-tubeless-compatible.html Thanks, Lightbicycle


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James 2020/10/02

Hi! I’m new to cycling and i need help picking out carbon road bike rims. Im tall and heavy at 6ft 6in. and i weigh 240 pounds. I need strong rims but aerodynamic

LightBicycle 2020/10/02

Hi James, Do you ride disc or non disc? What is your tire width? Then we can check which bike rims are good for 240 pounds rider. We can manufacture the bike rims with spoke count 28H for large riders. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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Ruben 2020/09/17

I'm interested in a FALCON rim WR65 CX/Gravel build. As far as I've seen there's just the rim offered at the moment, right? But I've also seen an exemplary build with DT swiss 240s hubs and sapim spokes. That looks like the one I'd like to have myself for my gravel bike. Would that be possible? I'm also wondering if the rims are going to be released in the pro series in the next time? I would love to have the lifetime warranty option if available. Best regards Ruben

LightBicycle 2020/09/17

Hi Ruben, Yes, only the rim is available online at this point. But you can order a built road disc wheelset by email if you like. Could you be more specific about what you want? Hubs specs, spokes, nipples? Thanks, Lightbicycle


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