bead hook-less rims carbon 29er light bike rim tubeless compatible

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bead hook-less rims
MTB hookless rim
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29er hook-less rim
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mountain bike rim





Tire size

1.9-2.3" (recommended)

Max weight limit


Max spoke tension

140kgf, 110-130kgf (recommended)

Riding pressure

40psi(recommended MAX)


1 Year

For new 29er rim is bead hook-less, it is light & stiff. It is specially designed for customers who likes to build light weight wheelset & bike.

The Flyweight is a new series of rims from Light Bicycle. Targeted specifically towards racers who seek every possible edge on the race course. Our goal was the produce the lightest possible rim without sacrificing performance. Through revisions in each step of the manufacturing process, we were able to produce a strong, light and competitive rim.

* For unique hole drilling and alternate options, please contact us for special orders.

* New Flyweight matte clear coating process. Not available with glossy finish.

* Standard Rim: 1 Year Warranty, 1 Year Crash Replacement with 15% discount

   Flyweight Rim: 1 Year Warranty, 2 Year Crash Replacement with 25% discount

* If you would like a coloured graphic, we can apply a sticker over top of the rims, this will add about 5g per rim.

Our air bladders are made from a special material which produces smoother walls, result in a lighter rim, and are completely removed without harsh chemicals. They are removed through the valve hole with a unique process so that the rim does not have to be patched like traditional manufacturers use. This significantly improves the strength of the rims. Read More about our process here
Standard: It is the light one around our current 29er rims, the good choice for lightweight 29er wheels & bike.
Flyweight: It is a new series of rims from Light Bicycle. Targeted specifically towards racers who seek every possible edge on the race course. 280 grams only!
Standard: Each rim carries its own layup schedule documents which are followed meticulously by the layup workers. Our Engineering team creates a unique fiber orientation which amplifies the desired riding characteristics for a given rim.
Flyweight: New layup design at the nipple bed to reduce the amount of material required and reinforce the key area around the spoke holes.
Angled spoke holes allows the nipple to pull straight in line with the spoke for reduced stress. This results in fewer broken spokes and nipples.
U-shape profile spreads the force of impacts and creates a more robust product.
While the rims are optimized for a tubeless setup with the addition of tubeless tape, they also work with tubes.
Carbon fiber flows continuously over the bead area to provide the best impact resistance and a significant strength increase compared to a clincher rim.
Standard: Constructed with premium Toray T700 carbon fiber. The good strength to weight ratio with no expense spared.
Flyweight: Hybrid construction of Toray T800 and T700 was used to reduce wall thickness in key areas while enhancing the overall rim stiffness. These rims are available with the UD material only due to the strict standards required to produce the Flyweight model. We used a lower FAW (fiber areal weight) and a thinner prepreg to achieve a more adjustable layup schedule design which reduces the stress between the layers of carbon fiber.
From USA

Erik : These are the best wheels I have ever ridden. After almost 3000 miles on my

From USA

Dave : Hi,Just want to send some pics of your rims on my bike!!I love them!!Dave

From Canada

William : I bought light bicycle wheels for it last year and they're great. Here

From Hong Kong

Steven : i received the rims on friday from Karel who is back in belgium. First impr

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Paul :

Any chance you could make these with a bead hook? I want these for road use, and 40psi won't be enough for me; If I could run these at 80psi they would be amazing. If they had a bead hook they'd be safe at higher pressures, yes? A set of 280 gram climbing rims would be incredible for road use.


LightBicycle :

Hi Paul, Sorry for the late reply. We were out for travel last two days. Actually, for rims with bead lock, it can not hold 80psi either. If you like rims hold 80psi while riding, it is better to go for hook rims. We will have attached new gravel rims 29mm wide/28mm deep coming soon. It can hold more than 100psi while riding. Does it work for you? Thanks, Lightbicycle


Adam :

Hi, I'm interested in the new gravel rims 29mm wide / 28mm deep you mentioned. When will they be available and do you have any more information?


LightBicycle :

Hi Adam, Thanks for your massage! The new gravel rims(29mm wide/28mm deep) will be available in around 20 days. I will e-mail you the quotation once it can be ordered in time. Is it okay for you? Thanks, Lightbicycle


Tyler :

Hi I am also interested in the Gravel rims for CX racing. Please also send me a quote for a pair at 28h drilling when available as well as weight and cost. Thank you!


LightBicycle :

Hi Tyler, Thanks for your inquiry! The tire pressure for WM29C06 wheelset should be less than 40 psi. Could you tell me how much tire pressure you will ride? And then we can have a further check whether it is suitable to you. We have another gravel bike rim, it is with hook, can hold high tire pressure. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Yann :

Hello, I want build wheels with RM29C06 Standard for gravel bike. I don't want to use wider rim like RM29C19 (like in my mtb) but I weight 98kg. Can you increase rider weight limit with additional reinforcement ? Thanks, Yann


LightBicycle :

Hi Yann, Thanks for your inquiry! For RM29C06, it is hookless. For gravel riding, the tire pressure is higher than mtb rims. We are afraiding of tire blowing out. We recommend to wait for our new gravel rim as attached picture. It is with hook, to hold higher tire pressure. It will be USD269 each. We can make the rims stronger by adding some more carbon fiber material. What do you think? Thanks, Lightbicycle


Yann :

Thanks you for all informations ! I'm sorry, I never look in road section. The RR36C02 is perfect : not expensive, 125kg weight limit, 60psi max for hookless (i ride with 30-35 psi with my gravel actually, 38mm tire on ztr archex). I found my happyness !


LightBicycle :

Hi Yann, Yes, the RR36C02 rims are suitable for 30-35 psi gravel riding and can fit 38C tires. It should less than 40psi for hookless version. Please check our quotation as below. RR36C02 rims: clincher, hookless, 28mm wide/36mm deep, UD matte? Front 24H/rear 28H? No brake surface for disc, USD170 each Thanks, Lightbicycle


Carl :

would these rims in flyweight be suitable for a 36-38mm tubeless gravel tire? thanks for your reply


LightBicycle :

Hello Carl, Thanks for your inquiry. The RM29C06 flyweight rim can work with 36-38mm tubeless gravel tire. But the max tire pressure is 75psi only (recommended tire pressure is 20psi ~ 30psi). May I know what your riding tire pressure is normally? Then we will check accordingly and do some recommendations. Because we have new 28mm wide 36mm depth road rim which is designed for gravel bike also and work with high tire pressure. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Mike :

Hello, I currently have a set of RM29C06 (32 hole) rims built up. I would like to use them on a upcoming Bike Packing trip. What is the maximum air pressure limit of the rim? The max tire pressure is 65 PSI, would 65 PSI be within the safe limits of the rims? Thank you Mike


LightBicycle :

Hello Mike, Thanks for your contact. The max tire pressure on RM29C06 rim is 70psi, but the recommend tire pressure is around 20psi ~ 30psi.You can run the tire pressure around 20psi ~ 30psi. It is safe and comfortable. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Barry :

Hi Do you use tracked delivery and EMS ? Can you give me a quote for shipping to Saudi Arabia


LightBicycle :

Hello Barry, Thanks for your inquiry. Normally, we use EMS or DHL. The delivery cost is $106 for two rims to Saudi Arabia by EMS, and $143 by DHL. All pricing in USD. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Jeff :

I ride a Giant Defy road disc bike with Continental GP4000S II 28C tyres at 55psi front, 65psi rear. These tyres measure 30mm wide on current wheels, which are 23mm wide, 19C internal. I want wider wheels for better match to the tyre width, and lighter weight. I would run same pressure (55/65psi) which is close to maximum. I need 6-bolt front 100mm QR/ rear 135mm QR. I see the cyclocross reply to Luke and think these could be used for wide road wheels also. My concern with DT350 hub is I cannot switch to Thru axle later, so cannot move to newer bike. What hub do you recommend and what is total wheelset cost?.


LightBicycle :

Hello Jeff, Thanks for your inquiry. According to your info, we’d like to recommend our new 28mm wide 36mm deep hookless disc rim. Rim profile attached for reference. It is okay to work with wider tires and high tire pressure. Thanks, Lightbicycle


Nick :

Can you provide me the details on the new 28mm wide 36mm deep hookless disc rim? I can't find the details on your website.


LightBicycle :

Hello Nick, Thanks for your inquiry. Please find attached rim profile of our new 36mm depth rim. It is hookless design and for disc bike. RR36C02 (hookless): $170/pcs Thanks, Light-bicycle