Introducing Falcon Pro AR55

Our deepest Falcon Pro rims to date, designed for all-road use.

Falcon Pro AR55

Falcon Pro is our collection of road rims (disc only) featuring BlackTek (Paintless). Rims with BlackTek come out of the molds as a finished product. The factory finish preserves the outer layer of resin and the carbon is never disturbed after the curing cycle is completed. It is a total revamp from the traditional non-pro series and requires new techniques and special treatment in layup and molding. This is why pro rims are stronger, more durable and scratch-resistant.

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Today we are introducing a new Falcon Pro member - AR55. What differences will this 28mm wide 55mm deep rims make to your riding experience? Let’s learn more about it!

AR55 Rim Price

Standard $259
Flyweight $271

AR55 Wheelset Price

$811 USD+

All-Road 28mm Width

Featuring 28mm outer and 21mm inner widths, AR55 is suitable for everything from 23C road tires right up to 43C gravel. Check out our actual tire width charts to see how popular tires will measure out on AR55 here.

The other Falcon Pro rim of 50-60mm depth is WR50 (25/32mm wide). It is specifically designed for comfort rides on gravel and dirt. AR55 (21/28mm wide) is to answer the call of some Falcon Pro riders who want something as strong and stiff but narrower for more versatile uses. Your wheels can easily switch between road and gravel bikes in spite of the clearance difference. It is more budget-friendly as well.

AR55 is originally designed with hooks, but feel free to leave a comment on this page or product pages if you want a hookless version.

55mm Depth

As the name suggests, AR55 is of 55mm depth - the deepest among Falcon Pro rims. Compared to AR45 (same width but shallower), AR55 is 25-30% vertically stiffer, which promises efficient power transfer along with aero gains. A clear edge in sustained high-speed races.

Riding with 50mm+ depth rims, crosswind controllability may concern lightweight cyclists. Based on test rides by several light riders weighing 60-73kg, these 55mm wheels were under good control in fast descents at speeds around 40 mph.

Weight & Appearance

Available in our Standard layup or Flyweight style featuring a 60-gram weight reduction. Please note that though AR55 is designed for all road uses, the Flyweight version is exclusive for riding on smooth surfaces like well-maintained tarmac roads, and there is a weight limit of 90kg.

As for the appearance, AR55 is only available in the highly scratch-resistant paintless finish and UD pattern. Yet you can order the rims to be with or without decals which are offered in 12 popular colors. If you want to personalize the graphic and/or the color, feel free to email us at or specify your requests in the notes at checkout.

Mixed Size Combo

An added service is that you can customize a wheelset with mixed depths and widths. With the pairing of our WR-rims and AR-rims, you get aero gains and comfort in one package. Our Falcon Pro set-up:
WR50 front + AR55 rear ≈ $730 USD+

Front Rear
Rim Weight Standard 470g
Flyweight 420g
Standard 480g
Width (Inner/Outer) 25/32mm 21/28mm
Rim Depth 50mm 55mm
Rim Diameter 700C 700C
Suggested Use CX/Gravel Road/CX/Gravel

How to order? Send us an email ( to describe your needs. Or fill out this form and tell us your mixed combo. Either way, our sales team will get back to you soon via email and quote for you.

Rim Warranty

AR55 comes standard with our Pro 5-year Warranty against manufacturer's defects and, for the first time ever, with the option to upgrade this standard warranty to our Premium Lifetime Warranty. Within the warranty period, we offer a 25% crash replacement discount and you can replace the damaged Light Bicycle rim at a greatly reduced cost.

Light-Bicycle-falcon-pro-series-5-year-carbon-rim-warranty.jpg custom-carbon-fiber-wheelset-lifetime-rim-protection-warranty.jpg

* Please note that AR55 is currently not available from our North American warehouse. We will update the configure options on product pages once they are in stock there.



Rob 2021/02/23

Hi guys was trying to browse your page to look at your product and most of the links seemed to be broken. I couldn’t view any of the wheels and none of the drop down menu links worked. Thought I would let you know. I’m interested in your wheels. Can you let me know when the website is up and running? Thanks, Rob

LightBicycle 2021/02/24

Hi Rob, Which wheelset are you interested in? Then we can help through email if you need. Thanks, Lightbicycle


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